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Too many heroics = slow progression

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12.24.2011 , 07:16 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by OmniDo View Post
Unfortunately, this is not an viable solution.
Players want to enjoy the content NOW, and get the Modable items which they can keep throughout their leveling adventures NOW, not have to come back 5+ levels later and solo the entire dungeon.

This is also not useful, since many players will elect to ignore other players, other than buffing them for courtesy sake and helping them out in a pinch (if the player is about to die) if they are able to. I do both the former and the latter all the time, but I rarely ever invite other players for Heroic 2 or 2+ zones, since thats what my companion is for.

If I am unable to complete said quest via attrition, then I simply move onto the next quest and do it later, 1 or 2 levels adjusted.

This is not an issue for quests, but becomes an issue for flashpoints, since the whole point behind a flashPoint is to have a group to do it with.

While Im perfectly fine with solo'ing or dual-boxing everything (where mathematically possible) by myself, (the end-game is my goal, not the leveling) most people play this game for the social aspects.

The goal is to make grouping "optional", not required, with the exception of course being the the end-game Raid encounters.
You're clearly doing it wrong. I got a bunch of low lvl chars and ALL of them had no problem finding one other person at LEAST to do a heroic quest. Both PvP & PvE servers.

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12.24.2011 , 07:46 AM | #52
I have to say that on my server i never had any issue with finding payers for HC quests . For now there are some ppl which i can recognize on general chat which helping others a lot. Good thing is also ask you guild mates to help . If you dont have any guild just look for one even if for leveling and later move to progression guild.
About rewards - hmm imo they are fine. I got my orange from it so quite nice

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12.24.2011 , 08:49 AM | #53
If you're a tank and you can't find a group, it's probably because you're on a VERY lightly populated server. Even then, you should be able to find somebody.

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12.24.2011 , 09:39 AM | #54
Due to the lack of a group finder type of system i just skip all flash points and heroic quest.
Come back when they turn grey and solo them.

Its good that there is enough quest to ignore all heroic ones and still outlevel the zones.

I am ona full server with que wait times and planet chats are dead silent. Yesterday i was on balmaroe and alderean and the social box showed a grand total of 8 players for aldrean while i was questing there and balm had 14 players. No one would respond to request for help with heroics.

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12.24.2011 , 02:24 PM | #55
The amount of group content in the game is fine, great even once you get to the higher levels. The issue is the severe lack of people interested in grouping.

Though I do have one complaint, why on Balmorra's bonus series if the bonus quest Heroic 4+ when the entire bonus series of quest themselves are solo? As the absolute last thing on the planet to do, finding a group for it is not hard, it is impossible.

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12.26.2011 , 05:34 PM | #56
I'm contemplating not playing for a few days and letting people catch up. I'm on a full server with an avg 15-20min queue during prime time and there are a whopping 10 people on Hoth.

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12.26.2011 , 05:57 PM | #57
Don't do Heroics....

There is more than enough solo content.