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Player Frames, Targeting!

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Player Frames, Targeting!

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12.26.2011 , 12:16 PM | #1
Player Frames!
For one thing the built in frames have a delay and do not show the current HP of players in a warzone. As a healer this is extremely troubling, having to try and target a player who has multiple players around him or find him on the party list wastes time. If pvp is to become somewhat "competitive" things need to change. It's extremely inefficient to heal this way. I realize people have already griped about mouse-overs in 100 other threads but seriously. It may not be as much of a problem in raids, we will see, but if PVP is going to be competitive in the slightest things like this need to change.

Target of Target!
Really no target of target in the entire game? It's a pretty straight up concept I don't think I need to argue why it's important.

Love the game, looking forward to improvements and changes!