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Tanking and healing roles

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Tanking and healing roles

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12.26.2011 , 10:16 AM | #1
I'm not going to bother which classes are "best" because I know that's purely up to preference and opinion. Right now I am doing a melee DPS class and for my next class I'd like to go either tank or healing. So my question is...

Which tank has the easiest rotation to learn? I have never tanked in an MMO before...I currently have a Jedi Shadow that I'll either respec as a tank, or I'll try out the Guardian/Vanguard class.

Secondly, I have heard some classes (especially Sorcerer/Sage) have trouble healing at points because of their low Force regen. Which healing class is more efficient at keeping up sustained heals in a group setting? Commando/Smuggler or was I getting bad info about Sage/Sorc?
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