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Problem with Armstech or me

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Problem with Armstech or me

jedibarney's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 09:42 AM | #1
So I'm trying to learn and level up my armstech. So I gather some materials and start crafting away. I get to 60/400 and I stop getting points for crafting. So I start crafting higher items and still nothing. However when looking at general SWTOR website it shows that I should be able to craft barrels and other items but they don't show up on the crafting list. Anyway I'm stuck at level 60/400 and I don't know how to get going again. Please help!!! Thanks and may the force be with you!!!
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KetMalice's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 09:51 AM | #2
You have to keep training new skills....