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Crew Skills for PVP

-abraXXo-'s Avatar

10.14.2014 , 04:50 AM | #1
Had a wee search through the forums but couldn't find any recent answers. A while back, Biochem was heavily favoured in pvp, but with the abundance of WZ medpacs and adrenals, I wondered if this was still the case? Or can I just take whatever I like?

I only plan on PvPing and i'm a Juggernaut.

*originally posted in the PVP forums but has been ignored at the expense of threads arguing over who is 'op' these days and 3.0 exploits...
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10.14.2014 , 10:06 AM | #2
My guide on the "best crew skills" (linked in my sig) is the most recent and currently still accurate. For PvP it is either BC for reusable consumables or CT for reusable grenades.
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10.15.2014 , 03:38 PM | #3
Abra, the Stims imo are worth the BioChem, since the warzone one are only good 1x per zone, and zone can go on for a while. The blue ones persist through death in the zone.

I pack reusable grenades on another char, and I would pick it for a class that has little to show in terms of CC.

BioChem has an advantage of stims specifically being used before the zone, so it's hard to forget to use it. WHile a grenade, well, it's one more keybind....

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10.15.2014 , 04:16 PM | #4
If you're only using grenades for the stun (and I don't think the others benefit you that much in a WZ) the V1's are cheap as hell to make, so probably better to just make an alt for those and send them over.

Agreed on reusable stims, it just becomes a habit to pop it before every WZ along with your class buff.
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