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Four characters, not enough skills. What do?

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Four characters, not enough skills. What do?

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12.26.2011 , 04:25 AM | #1
Ok, so I'm the type of guy who goes totally gung-ho with MMO's like this, so I was thinking tonight about how I'm definitely going to have 4 characters on each faction (eventually), with each one have different crew skills to support my other characters.

The problem? You've probably guessed it by now. There's more than four crafting skills! I've been trying to determine the set up I'd have with my characters.

My current main, my trooper, has Biochem, Bioanalysis, and Diplomacy. But what to have for the other characters?

What crafting skills should be ignored for each set of four? Is there some better alternative?

Basically, I can't decide what characters get what crew skills and yadda yadda etcetera etcetera.


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12.26.2011 , 05:07 AM | #2
It looks like if anyone wants to cover all bases on Companion Skills, they are going to have to tie up one server entirely with one faction.

There are 6 crafting skills and I think 8 mission / gathering skills. I've been creating alts and early on, I just take gathering skills. You can move a very low level character to the fleet ship and take the companion skill mission and click all of the trainers for about 1.5 levels of experience. Then, I usually take Scavenging and two other gathering skills until I get off the first planet sometimes on until the second planet. This stock piles early materials which you can store on one alt.

You can then get rid of one gathering skill and replace it with Slicing. This is your money maker and is pretty much required early on or you will go broke trying to run missions (or train). Don't concern yourself too much with taking the crafting skill, just get as much money as you can by obsessively running lockbox missions with Slicing. When you have a decent sum of credits, start running some of the gathering missions that can't be done on a planet manually (Underworld Trading for UW metals and silks, etc) and stockpile those, alternating with Slicing to replace the cash spent on missions.

Slicing will also give you a handful of Cybertech schematics. UW Trading will give you a selection of Armortech and Synthweaving schematics. So one of those three may be your first choice to tackle when you have enough money and materials to start actually crafting. I did Cybertech because it uses mostly Scavenged Metals and compounds and rarely an Underworld Metal if you get a Blue or Purple critical, so you can scavenge while doing storyline missions to get materials, and do companion gathering missions to keep the stockpiling going during your down time.

You may end up with a server full of level 10-20 alts that craft items for the four characters you may chose to play all the way to 50. Right now, I have a level 10 Inquisitor who's never been to the second planet and has Cybertech at level 250. He makes mods, earpieces and ship parts for my main character who still has three gathering/crafting skills (Scavaging at 250, Slicing at 400, Underworld Trading at 220).

I also have a level 13 Bounty Hunter who has barely set foot on the second planet that's working Armortech up for the soul reason I found about 4 Orange quality Heavy Armor schems that I wanted to make for my main character (the 3 x gathering guy who is a Sith Warrior). I have AT up to about 160 and only need 20 more points to make the first orange heavy armor piece. I have another Inquisitor warming up in the bull pen with a bank full of materials and a handful of Synthweaving schems.

I eventually will start alts working on Artifice, Arms and Bio. I plan on spreading the gathering and mission skills out among the 6 crafters and two others to cover all the bases. Since you don't have to leave the fleet ship, you don't really have to level these crafting alts past 10, but getting your ship so you can send out two companions is probably desirable because you can double your efficiency on Slicing for credits and gathering missions for materials.

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12.26.2011 , 06:03 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by MagesKickass View Post
Ok, so I'm the type of guy who goes totally gung-ho with MMO's like this, so I was thinking tonight about how I'm definitely going to have 4 characters on each faction (eventually), with each one have different crew skills to support my other characters.
If you're as altaholic as me you'll probably (eventually) end up with 8 per faction, as the advanced classes play very differently to each other (though they do share storylines of course).

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12.26.2011 , 06:21 AM | #4
As of right now the armor/weapon crafting skills don't really "cover" anything. They are a waste of time when leveling and inferior to easily obtainable equipment from dailies at 50. It's possible to make a little money from them but not nearly as much as you can make sitting on your butt running Slicing missions, with no tiresome mucking about with skill vendors or the GTN's horrible interface.

If you want to take them for aesthetic or RP reasons that's fine, but just be aware that in practical terms they are useless.
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