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Looking for New Guild Running HM Ops

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Looking for New Guild Running HM Ops

Bellamy's Avatar

08.28.2014 , 11:11 AM | #1

I took a break from the game for 6 months during which time my prior guild (League of Heroes) collapsed. As such I'm looking for a new guild that runs progression ops.

I currently have 3 level 55 toons: Sage (Heals), GS (dps), Guardian (tank). The sage and GS are geared with lvl 72 items the guardian still needs work.

Please reach out if your looking for new members and have an opening on an ops team.

All the best,

woodcan's Avatar

08.29.2014 , 04:38 PM | #2
Grievance - Family, Honor, Loyalty

Hi Bellamy, we at Grievance are a mature, 18+, family-friendly, Founder guild/community and have people on daily. We focus only on a Republic presence on the Jedi Covenant server. Our Operations nights are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday but we do not have strict attendance requirements so we do not run with fixed raiding teams since we understand people do have lives outside of SWTOR . We are currently running 8-man and 16-man Hardmode Operations and starting Nightmare. If people still need to gear up we run Story Mode Operations on Wednesday nights along with various achievement runs! Also, we have a Guild Flagship and have been fully participating in Guild Conquests where we have been placing in the top 10 on our planet!

If you would like more information you can PM me or if sounds like we are what you are looking for visit our guild community web-site to find out more info, read our charter, register and apply. Good luck and have fun!
Flesh | Gato Sawbones Scoundrel Star Forge

RiVaN_'s Avatar

08.30.2014 , 12:14 PM | #3
Souls of Fate is a 18+ Mature "all around guild."
What do we mean by all around?

PVE gaming
Galactic Conqests

You name it we do it!
If you are looking to get into raids we have teams running dedicated runs Tuesday - Thursday with Open raid nights the rest of the week.
In the current week of Galactic Conquests we are running 5th place in the Invasion of Hoth. We have a Guild ship and are working on opening rooms with Commander and Battle master kills.

If fun in everything the game has to offer is what you are looking for then we are a great guild to look into!

Check out the link in my signature to take a look at out guild website.

Do you have Impside toons?
2 Guilds for the price of one! SoF members are also members of the Gentelmen Bastards Emperial Guild.
Come check us out!
Nikolete, Scoundrel - Republic Flashfire
Drivan, Sentinel - Souls of Fate

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