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FMLDestroyer's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 01:43 AM | #1
Normally I have been understanding with reverse eng I have plenty of epic recipes that have taken well over 40+ greens to get a blue recipe and well over 30+ blues for an epic.. but as of right now for the level 50 scatter gun I have made over 120 greens and not a single proc for blue recipe.. is this certain item bugged everything else normally takes 20-30 friends say there profession normally requires 5-10.. thanks

Also when crafting a bunch of items and I que for pvp once i get in and the time for the server changes.. it just makes them all items in que... missions stay the same time but crafted items all get made.. only happens sometimes but still something is amiss here..

corgashan's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 02:33 AM | #2
Currently neither scatterguns nor vibroknives can be RE'd into blues/purples. As far as I've seen there's been no information as to whether this is intended or not, but because they aren't proper weapons (only used for smuggler or agent specials respectively), the RE functionality does not seem to be working on them.

There have been many threads on the topic, and in not one has anyone seen a successful RE of either weapon type.