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Miraluka pleasedontkillme IA... justification conundrum?

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Miraluka pleasedontkillme IA... justification conundrum?

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06.25.2014 , 03:52 PM | #1
Alright, going to fall in and take the entire door with me. Please do bear with me.
I think the concept of Miraluka is really bloody precious and I would absolutely roll every single character as one of them if that wouldn't get a little stale eventually. Case in point being an IA to be Sniper.
Problem is that I also like RPing. And while I can hope for leniency from fellow RPers from what I've experienced so far, I'd still prefer having a solid backup plan if confronted that also doesn't throw fellow RPers/characters under the bus for not immediately having shipped my dude off.

So, some thoughts, because my Star Wars lore knowledge is weak and I am having a reasonably hard time trying to research something that is so uh... lore-breaking, yea. Some threads I found and am keeping in mind are this and this.

My original idea was for the character to be under the protection of some powerful Sith... which would be the Sith breaking Imperial law, but would still make it hard to RP if no one in particular is that Sith and is respected and accepted in community.
The fact remains that one would have to go to Korriban to be later accepted in society and not fear being caught and sent there, yes?

Now, I suppose my question is, could a person with some base force sensitivity but then mostly combat skills be capable of getting through that stuff with maybe some outside manipulation?
i.e. assuming this Miraluka was trained in close range combat well and had a Sith on Korriban kind of skewing things in their favour, would they be able to maybe even survive?
I'm in the middle of forcing myself through the Sith Warrior intro, but from that an the prologue summary on the Wikia it doesn't seem like a ton of tasks that couldn't be completed by a really sweet fighter as well?
I also read things about regular people potentially going crazy in a place like Korriban, but there seem to be normal troops and Vette seems to be okay too from what I saw?

Then, assuming this silly lore-breaking Miraluka is now a Sith in name but under the one who helped him survive is being put in the more military direction rather than advancing his non-existent Force skills... how would other people know that? How would they recognize that he's survived on Korriban and not go ahead an send him right back there again?

Sorry about forcing y'all to read this lore-bla shlog of mine, but thanks to those willing to indulge me and maybe aid me in coming up with a possible if special-unicorn solution. I appreciate it.

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07.06.2014 , 10:37 AM | #2
Possible explanations:
The child of a Sith Lord, or with Force users in their bloodline could be pulled from the Academy rather than killed for failure with the expectation that they will carry on the bloodline. Precedent: There is a sidequest on Hutta with a man who ran away from the Academy - but his transgression is not nearly as important as the Force sensitive child.
A child removed from the Academy because their alienness was an embarrassment - not failed or expelled, just sent off to study in another area for some reason. Either they were too powerful or too smart for their own good, something like that. I have no sample precedent from in-game, but it happens in real life.
Somehow the student became privy to a serious scandal and was removed for their own safety/the continued safety of the existing power structure at the Academy. This is again a real-world inspired example.

Hopefully this will help you make up some ideas of your own.
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07.08.2014 , 04:03 PM | #3
from what I know(vaguely and I don't have a specific source)

Those with mild force sensitivity are only taken to korriban if a sith detects that they would be able to manifest the force into use.

Example: if someone can FEEL the force but not use it, they are more than likely going to be put into the military and subjected to working closely with the sith, but will probably not be trained at the academy due to it being useless.

The only problem with a that because of their race specifically, I feel like they would automatically be powerful enough to manifest the force.

an exception, in your case...would be if they could only manifest the force as far as their own physical body, and not being able to extend it outwards.

Someone with connections in the military or with a sith family member would also probably be able to evade even being taken to korriban initially. I love the idea of a miralukan sniper, I feel like they'd be really good at it.

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07.12.2014 , 02:47 AM | #4
As I've previously stated in the first thread you listed.

If you have ANY sort of talent with the Force in the Empire, there are no exceptions. To Korriban and the Sith Academy with you!

As it's considered Imperial Law further of which is a edict of the Dark Council, the ultimate authority short of the Emperor himself, any Sith found harboring potentials who have not yet trained in the Acadamy will be considered in violation of Imperial Law and executed. And we all know how much the Empire loves it's executions.

The problem is that Miraluka are the polar opposite of Chiss. Miraluka have a naturally affinity for the Force to the point that they see with it. While people love the irony of Miraluka snipers, lorewise. It dosen't work. The entire race is considered strong enough that even the weakest of Miraluka untrained are considered on par with trained Sith Acolytes in terms of potential.

I'm fairly certain with the desire to increase and mantain Sith numbers, they'd have a well maintained databank similar to the Jedi on who has been through the academy.

In short, there is simply no way to slip a Miraluka through the ranks of the Empire as an actual Imperial Agent.

Now if they were say, a Mercenary Sniper of an independent outfit on some Sith's Payroll however....

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08.21.2014 , 02:50 PM | #5
I looked up Miralukas on Wookiepedia. Miralukas are a race of near-humans. They don't have eyes, only eye sockets. They can percieve the world around them through the Force (Force sight.) Their connection to the Force varies by individual.