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Coming back, want to know where I should pick up

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Coming back, want to know where I should pick up

Gizzle's Avatar

08.18.2014 , 09:31 AM | #1
Hi folks,

Round 3 for me with SW:ToR

Tanked previously on a PT through NM on the first bit of content and left, came back, leveled a Jugg and did some ops, back again and am going Pub side.

My thoughts:

1) I rolled a Guardian, as I did like Jugg, but are Shadows good to play also?

2) Bioskills still the best to take as a tank?

3) PvP wise which of the 3 performs statistically the best?


HBCentaurion's Avatar

08.19.2014 , 02:16 AM | #2
1) Shadows are currently the Master Race of all tanks that can cheese a lot of NiM-mechanics, and I believe they take a less damage in most of the fights compared to the other classes. That is IF you know your class (full tank build + hybrid) and know how to play it well.

2) I got BioChem on all my raiding toons. Reusables and crafting your own stims saves a lot of money.

3) Juggernauts bring a lot of utility in PVP. I personally think they are the best tanks in PVP.

Gizzle's Avatar

08.19.2014 , 08:49 AM | #3
Ok cool tyvm for the feedback

I just got my Guard off of Cor, so I will start up my Shadow when I get home, if I like it by 20..I will stay lol

For now I will just pvp with the guard and get comms