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PC Voice Actors, Male VS Female

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PC Voice Actors, Male VS Female

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08.14.2014 , 11:58 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by wainot-keel View Post
lol.. yeah, a bit of that.... but i couldn't stand the male consular, and the male knight is okayish...

Funny thing, I prefer the female voices for PC pretty much for every class, but if I think about it, male companion voices are fantastic and, except a couple of cases, I like them better than the female ones.

I would have loved a PC voiced by whoever did Scourge. I think he could promise the most horrific thing in the most calmed tone, but not emotionless. Or say a nice thing, and be believable.
Yes, the actor who plays Scourge did a fantastic job. I hope one say they'll give us more pialogue with the companions, preferably in class stories.

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08.14.2014 , 12:49 PM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by wainot-keel View Post
I would have loved a PC voiced by whoever did Scourge. I think he could promise the most horrific thing in the most calmed tone, but not emotionless. Or say a nice thing, and be believable.
And this is what makes the JK PC voice acting look so bad to me. Neither the male nor the female JK voice have any business being in the same story as Scourge's or the Emperor's voice acting, they are completely out of their league when in the same scene. It's not a good sign when you spend more time listening to what all other characters say over what your character says.
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08.14.2014 , 11:52 PM | #73
Sith Warrior: Male, for sure. Mark Bazeley's voice sells the class. It's not that Natasha Little is bad, but she's the person you'd go to for side NPCs (as in Dragon Age), rather than a main protagonist.
Sith Inquisitor: Male. Euan Morton does quite a nice job of playing the cold, manipulative villain, though sometimes his performance can be a bit lackluster. Xanthe Elbrick just doesn't stand out for me. Though the differing pronunciations of the word "Kaggath" by all the NPCs & the PC in Act 3 is pretty alarming.
Bounty Hunter: Female. I can't stand how Tom Spackman's voice sounds, and Grey de Lisle is a phenomenal voice actress.
Imperial Agent: Split. Bertie Carvel has a fantastic voice - cold, calm; perfect for an Imperial agent. But, he does seem to lack emotion at times, where Jo Wyatt steps in and delivers really great emotion in her lines - particularly in Act 2.

Jedi Knight: Male. Both are pretty awful voice actors, but picking the lesser of two evils would be David Hayter.
Jedi Consular: Female. Again, both are pretty bad in this role. Nolan North I generally like, but here he seems really monotone. I know Jedi aren't supposed to get emotional, but he sounds like a robot most of the time. The female voice actress at least puts some emotion into her role.
Smuggler. Male. Kath Soucie is a great voice actress with an enormous list of credits, but Maury Sterling really does have the voice for this role. Like Mark Bazeley, he sells the class.
Trooper: Female. It's Jennifer Hale, how can I not like her performance. Brian Bloom just doesn't cut it as the male Trooper. He's damn good as Varric & Leske, but here he sounds off.
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08.15.2014 , 07:50 AM | #74
Let's do my characters then.

BH - Male all the way. Body type 3 cyborg with that gravely voice is great. Don't realy know what's rubbing me the wrong way about the female actor, but something sure is.

Agent - Again, male all the way. Low key, kinda sneaky and calculating. Female VA ain't bad, but it's not good either imo.

SW - Again, I prefer the male. Female is great aswell, but male is imo better. kinda arrogant and full of himself. I love him.

JK - Male. Solid snake, great for LS, calm and all that jedi stuff, but then you go a-swinging with that saber. I love it.
Female voice is just meh, totaly forgettable.

JC - Both are terrible, I went with female, the lesser of two evils here imo.

Trooper - Male here aswell. Never liked femshep in mass effect, and well, here it is again. Thanks, but no thanks.

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08.15.2014 , 04:01 PM | #75
Smuggler Male and Female voices are good, the male sounds like Richard Castle, but it's just me
Or, more in keeping with the Captains theme, certain Mal Reynolds I love Smuggler's voice the most though because of the other vocal similarity. To me he sounds like Zenith, so playing an AU Zenith is awesome!

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08.16.2014 , 11:09 AM | #76
I found all of the male voices to be boring to be honest. Oh you're a gravally voiced ****** BH, god we've never heard that before in a video game, bring on the woman. I mean the voice acting itself was fine on a technical level but they sound basically the same as any number of other video game protagonists. I know you could say the same of Jennifer Hale using her Femshep voice for the Trooper but she backs it with a great performance. I love Brian Bloom but he can't compete with her.
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