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I'm a dps, not a healer.(Tactical Flashpoints)

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I'm a dps, not a healer.(Tactical Flashpoints)

wainot-keel's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 10:40 AM | #31
If running a tactical with a healer matters so much for some people, they shouldn't leave this very important thing to group finder luck giving you the right random strangers and queue with a friend/guildie and be done with it.

Just because your advanced class has the capability of healing that doesn't mean you should do it. Some people don't like healing and no good enough reason to do it if they don't want to. Or some simply don't have the respec field perk bought.

Yes, a healer makes the run much smoother but if you want one, get one before queuing or deal with whatever group finder gives you. Don't hassle anyone to do it.

EranofArcadia's Avatar

08.06.2014 , 12:24 PM | #32
Eh, if anyone asked me to heal in a TFP, I would just ask them for 200K for field respec and then I would be glad to.
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Floppyjo's Avatar

10.23.2015 , 03:03 PM | #33
The healer and tank spec is there for a reason,. I'm not interested in armchair quarterbacking. Idiots that try and claim that flashpoint's don't require them can kiss my a*&, no one thinks your intelligent or elite. Firstly we don't all go in with pre-made groups where people know how to use their CC's and abilities in an intelligent way to get the outcome we need, wouldn't it be nice if they did, but dime-a-dozen *****-for-brains DPS is the run of the mill. It's funny I can queue for a flashpoint and about 90% of them without a healer or tank ends up with the tank dieing because there's 3 DPS who are pulling mobs for the tank, more than should have been pulled and not watching health or bothering to self heal between pulls or waiting for the tank to heal between the pulls(no brains), or no tank and DPS chain pulling like idiots, so healer has to spam heal like crazy and ends up face tanking the mobs because of threat

If your going to throw any class into a flashpoint , then you better give everyone the ability to heal/tank/DPS on each class. because someone has to pick up the pieces when there are ******* in the group. If I tank I get the situation as described above and if I heal I get some of the above too. It happens almost every PUG flashpoint

purewitz's Avatar

10.23.2015 , 05:17 PM | #34
I agree with the OP. My main is a Smuggler Scoundrel Ruffian. Yes I have the base scoundrel heal and I don't mind using them in-between fights in a Tactical, but I am a dot spec dps not a healer. If I wanted to be a healer, I would have gone Saw Bones.

Also I feel for everyone that mentioned having to hold the hand of the rest of their group. No joke, I've actually had to dps, heal, and tank in some post-4.0 Tacticals as a Smuggler Scoundrel Ruffian. Due to the fact the rest of the group wouldn't and there has been times where there was a dps guardian in the group that could have fake tanked as I fake healed.

Then there are those runs with other players with advance class that you know that have at least base heals, that won't help with healing. Then there are those that don't know what an interrupt or a defense ability is.

I'm done ranting now. In the end I don't mind a good challenge. I'm currently level 60 (Waiting on next Tuesday to level up to 65.) and have done my share of Hard Modes and Nightmare Modes, but a Tactical should not be as chaotic as they currently are post-4.0.
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