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An anecdote regarding Distortion Field's missile break

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An anecdote regarding Distortion Field's missile break

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08.01.2014 , 03:42 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
You are correct, but I do think the point stands. I mean, you bring up snap turn, but snap turn and k-turn make big tradeoffs to be good at a node. Disto doesn't really, and I do think that it's the silliest of the things.
Agreed, just wanted to point out that the T3 is really good at sat humping and that is not solely due to DF. I have this problem with "bad logic" and pointing it out. Even if I agreed with the premise, the logic needs to be sound for me to leave it alone.

IMO there are too many variables in Nem's story to make any meaningful point about DF by itself. Not only are there all of the other abilities on the T3 that contributed but also nem's skill in flying (which is impossible to quantify) I think its a great story, but a bad logical argument to prove DF needs tweaks.

Just because someone can hold a sat against 4+ defenders is not proof that a class or a ability needs to be nerfed. There are factors like: A) Exceptional flying // B) Terrible Opponents that make a huge difference. Even at my best defensive flying if a good battlescout comes while I am sat humping in a T3 he can outright kill me or whittle me down to knock me off the node.
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08.06.2014 , 01:39 AM | #42
It's not really a question of scouts or strikes. I've been doing exactly the same in multiple ship types, including a T1 strike versus scouts. You get hit more often, but you can also eat more damage, and the tiny amount of shield penetration often isn't sufficient to outdamage your hull repair.

On the other hand, I've been able to peel off scouts trying the same in my strike fighter. I rarely got a lock - I use concussions, not clusters - but both heavies at range and rapid fire lasers at pointblank are doing pretty fine. You don't really need to connect that often to kill an evasion scout.

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08.06.2014 , 04:34 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
Tensor plus power dive (speed) is the fastest type 3 scout build.
I need 17 seconds to Denon B (Tensor + Interdiction). In order to have a comparative times.
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08.06.2014 , 07:17 AM | #44
I experienced the almost exact same story that's described in the first post. Only I was defending the node in a stock Star Guard. Constant pressure on me with 3-5 enemies trying to take the node but they mostly just scratched my shield. Finally got killed after taking out a bomber (didn't want it to place mines etc.) and exposing myself to a gunship.

If you survive that long against so many opponents they lack coordination, skill or experience to deal with the situation.

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08.06.2014 , 07:23 AM | #45
Well Nemarus, I think a lot of this really speaks to the weakness of strike fighters in pure dogfighting near close cover.

Strikes generally lack the turn rate to chase a scout well. Not that they can't get it, but that the boost endurance you have to give up to get it is so punishing that very few people do it, because you wind up a lot like a bomber, stuck defending a single location (or at least relocating is a major undertaking).

Assuming you've got the crazy needed to run a turning build, then you run into weapon selection. The options are RFLs, Ion, Clusters, and LLC. Adequate if not stellar options, but specializing in close range options limits overall play even more. You wind up slow and limited to close range. The lack of serious burst damage also hurts a lot near cover.

I don't think DF's missile break was helping as much as you think it was. Against concussions it would be quite powerful because only a few locks would be slipping through your LOSing. Against 2 or more ships worth of clusters though, they'd be able to just drown you in missiles if you didn't use your engine break, and maybe even if you did.

Tactically they made a bit of a mistake having people to the side. The should have all gone high-low pincher, to the sides, the panels offer the defender too much LOS based protection.

Gunnery skill may have also played a role. That's a nice open node, so getting good hits with heavies shouldn't have been excessively difficult at ranges of 4-7 km.

I suppose it also speaks to the advantage that cooldown based defenses have when burst damage is low or absent, and time on target is very brief.

Nice scout flying though. You managed to take advantage of almost all of the strike class weaknesses at the same time. No surprise you did very well.

When it comes to the sats a strike is really more at home clearing turrets, clearing bombers, or being the ones doing the defensive humping. Clearing scouts off is tricky even with optimal conditions, and it doesn't sound like those strikes had everything going their way.
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