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How about making HK-51 parts easier to find now?

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How about making HK-51 parts easier to find now?

howieloader's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 08:43 AM | #91
Got HK this morning, everywhere else took about 5 minutes to find the part, aside from Taris... It was painfully, mindnumbingly boring to the point of tears... I think one problem is some of the guides are slightly out of date and the areas have slightly expanded; I think the one I was using was pre 2.0 on Dulfy's site... But I agree, as it is now "Uhhh is it here??? Nope... Is... it here??? Yep." is just brain dead easy...

Drockter's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 10:09 AM | #92
Imagine the people who did it prior to the guides.

KrizDaWiz's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 05:49 PM | #93
It's not that hard. I did it in a few hours.
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ImmortalLowlife's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 06:03 PM | #94
I suffered thru the HK quest once.....swore I'd never put myself thru that ever again. I haven't even done the micro binocular quest because it gave me a flashback to that nightmare hk quest. It'd be tolerable if you could at least upgrade the scanner. But until then....I'll spend CC's to unlock him b4 I'd do that quest again.
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Savej's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 10:29 PM | #95
Treek's more useful in almost every imaginable way... not much point to getting HK. I have HK with 1000 kills and whatever the player kills achievement is (a lot). I haven't gotten past the idea of using an Ewok so I haven't gotten nearly as much time using Treek yet but from what I have seen he's just hands down better.

chillshock's Avatar

08.05.2014 , 05:37 AM | #96
I first I didnt like Treek (she's a she)... until I talked to her during her rep-dialogues....

A man-eating psychopath ewok that makes the gremlins seem cuddly and nice! HAR!

Still - I do prefer the more professional "dark-lord-minion-like" minio... crewmembers. MAYBE I'll do some "pve" and do this HK chain. But I guess this 'foundry' thing is nothing soloable? (yes, I am founder, yes I chose to pvp since like... the beginning. Anything beyond hammer station is a mystery to me. XD)

Kyarran's Avatar

08.05.2014 , 06:01 AM | #97
I have been only using my HK-51 since getting it a couple weeks ago. So much more fun than Treek, and the quests weren't bad because my guild ran a group to get this accomplished. It would suck doing this all solo

howieloader's Avatar

08.05.2014 , 06:54 AM | #98
Quote: Originally Posted by Drockter View Post
Imagine the people who did it prior to the guides.
When everyone else was doing it and it was easy to get in groups that were actively searching an area??? Must've been a hell of a struggle, those people are true pioneers...

TheSkate's Avatar

09.30.2014 , 07:15 PM | #99
Despite there being a pretty good guide on I have spent over 10 hours of Taris looking for the DAMN HK part and still do not have it. This will be my third time saying to hell with it, the turd he isn't worth the wasted time.
It should definitely be easier to find the POS parts.
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DarthFamine's Avatar

09.30.2014 , 08:48 PM | #100
I'd be happy is there was a way to add him to your entire legacy like we can with he psychotic ewok.

I have him on all of my 50 + toons and I ran the quest to get him each time, I should get frequent flier miles on the theoretika
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