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What should be our next map and game mode?

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What should be our next map and game mode?

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07.30.2014 , 11:02 AM | #1
Lets not count Denon TDM- obviously that "should be" our next map, but I sort of mean the next fresh one they are designing.

What about game modes?

For game modes, try to avoid something that would be SUPER hard to program, or something that eliminates ship types ("in this map, railguns don't work").

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07.30.2014 , 11:30 AM | #2
  1. I still want Domination with either mobile satellites (e.g. like Denon now, but make A and C rotate around B) or, similarly, mobile spawn points that periodically come into turret range of satellites.
  2. Some kind of escort mission, in which neutral freighters or whatever are plying their routes and the attacking team must blow them up, defending team must prevent same.
  3. A variant where one player is "it" (and possibly has a buff like double damage or a nerf like half engine speed). Killing the player makes you "it". The winning team at the end is the one with the most time clocked as "it", or some combination of that with total kills, or something. I'll acknowledge the people who dislike powerups in TDM would really hate this gametype.
  4. Each team starts with a capital ship and has to blow up the other team's.
  5. PvE mode.
  6. Freeflight mode, around the fleet.

announcerharris's Avatar

07.30.2014 , 11:35 AM | #3
I've always thought a capture-the-flag type of game would be really cool for GSF.
- The premise could be a Republic/Empire squadron who have arrived at the site of a battlefield to collect survivors in escape pods. To "capture the flag" a ship could fly into a pod (much like flying into a powerup) and then have to get this pod back to the capital ship on their side of the map. If the carrying ship is killed, the pod is reset.
- The game could be to collect as many pods as possible, or to simply have a single pod to be retrieved - maybe the admiral from each side - first side to get their pod back to base wins. (Thinking Warsong Gulch from WoW here, if I've done a bad job of explaining)

Also, I'd love a capital ship assault. You could set it up in rounds like Voidstar, where each side has a turn on offense and defense. The goal on offense would be to destroy a series of hardpoints on a capital ship (engines, then shields, then bridge), and obviously the defending side would stop them. Even cooler than the Voidstar setup, though, would be to set up the scenario as the two capital ships engaging each other with fighter support, and the first side to destroy all the hardpoints on the other ship wins. Then each team has to decide how to balance offense/defense.
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07.30.2014 , 11:37 AM | #4
New Map:

I still really want to see an indoor map, one with a large facility (perhaps a orbital ship factory)

Basically think deathstar, corridors, several medium sized chambers, and a large central area. This is my dream map =/ though I seriously doubt that we will get it. IMO if it was large enough it would not hamper any ship class (it couldn't have tiny corridors like deathstar, but bigger tunnels would work nicely)

New Game Mode:

Assault IE cap ship, space station, or other target with multiple destroy points (that people have to work together in order to take down)
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07.30.2014 , 11:45 AM | #5
Next map? Well I don't know, I would love to see another planet atmosphere. Maybe Cato Neimoidia then? Would be a lot if fun to be flying around a battlefield of bridge cities strung between rock pillars. Would be great with a lot of horizontal obstructions in flight paths instead of vertical or free floating obstacles

As for new game mode? Well I personally would like some kind of assault game mode where we were attacking the other teams cap ships. I mean we can target cap ship turrets (though I have no idea if we can destroy them) and bioware can create turrets and drones that can be destroyed. I'm not a developer, but I want to believe that bioware could create a ship, put destroy able objects on it; some drone turrets, some stuff that doesn't shoot back, and then the fighters could swarm in to destroy it. One team would defend and the other would attack. If the ship is successfully destroyed then the attackers win, if the defenders can protect the ship the defenders win.

That said, I don't think teams should switch attacking and defending in the middle of the match. Just make a match be one side attacks and the other defends. Then divide the maps between the pubs and imps; pubs defend kuat mesas, imps defend list shipyard.

And it doesn't have to be a battleship, it could be an attack on a space station or fortress or something. The idea is to give players stuff to shoot at other than just players.
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Nemarus's Avatar

07.30.2014 , 11:51 AM | #6
I think some type of hardened objective assault/defense (like capital ship) is what would garner most popular support and hype.

And it shouldn't be too hard to implement in the current GSF engine, as long as the objective doesn't move.

Basically, just make a big capital ship, put it in interesting terrain that blocks long range LOS to some elements (like a huge repair facility), and slap a very big number of very durable targets/turrets on it--each with different defensive qualities that reward different weapon choices, ship classes, and components.

For example, the capital ship's target points could be things like:

Turrets (all with far more hit points than a satellite turret--some with heavy shields, some with heavy armor, some that shoot lasers, some ion, some railgun, some missiles, some EMP's).

Shield generators that prevent damage to other objective points.

Spawners that create repair drones to heal other objective points.

Target scramblers that slap various debuff on attacking fighters.

A bridge (perhaps the final objective?) that gives various buffs to defending fighters.

A hangar, which functions as a close respawn point for the team on defense that round

Other endless options. Most of which can be created using tweaks of existing turrets, drones, mines and other components.

Ideally, some qualities of the ship should be randomized from match to match, so as to frustrate the formation "ideal" assault squads and tactics.

You could make it symmetrical, with both teams simultaneously defending their own ship while attacking the enemy ship, or you could make it asymmetrical, with each team getting its turn to be on offense and defense in two rounds (like Voidstar).

The nice thing is that, while it's still PvP, there's a lot of PvEing to do ... and built right, a team's PvE objective-killing efficiency and smart play may be just as important as their PvP dogfighting skill.

Built correctly, the objectives could really give Bombers something to bomb and Strike fighters something to assault. Gunships actually wouldn't be ideal for direct objective assault, since they couldn't get high sustained damage on the objectives. But they'd still be vital for defense and fighter support.

There'd need to be some creative way to reward mobile variants. Perhaps some of the objectives (like shield generators) might be located at points away from the capital ship objectives.
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AceFirstCav's Avatar

07.30.2014 , 01:28 PM | #7
I would add something which is not appealing for local hardcore players, but could attract new players. Therefore behold Kessel Run non-combat race Minigame in minigame.

Mode: Race. No weapons allowed.
Map: Existing map (Kuat, Lost shipyard) just with added checkpoints (Denon is not interesting map and nobody would race at battlefield anyway)
Ship: This would be hard decision, but there is no way how could e.g. bomber race with Scout. So avaiable would be just one or two default ships (one a bit more faster, one a bit more manoeuvrable). Or maybe more ships with different design but more or less same techncial specification.
Description: Fast race (1 or 2 round) around map thru checkpoints. Ideal place for checkpoints would be tight places like hole in asteroid, tunnel in rock etc. Since there is no collision system betwen ships, all could start from same spot. First who fly thru checkpoints in correct order is winner.
Race end in some time ( 1 minute?) after first ship cross finish line or after reaching time limit. In that case winner is pilot with most checkpoints.
If ship crash, respawn at start but it is no need to fly thru already obtained checkpoint.
There should be NO boosts to maintain Star Wars feeling.
Reward: Few credits, maybe some Title for lots of win. Possibility to modifiy ship (colour, some accesoried not affecting ship performance) Nothing great. It should be more for fun than for reward. And of course it should generate Top time scoreboard, so people have something to brag about.

Within GSF it would need separate queue, because its too much different from Domination and TDM.

It could be easy to implement and amazing for some new players. Veterans can train their piloting skill if nothing else.

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07.30.2014 , 03:26 PM | #8
1 Life per player in a paintball speed course like map. Once you die, you're out. No respawns, no nothing. Cut-throat, the same way I like my gambling
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07.31.2014 , 03:40 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
Lets not count Denon TDM- obviously that "should be" our next map, but I sort of mean the next fresh one they are designing.

What about game modes?

For game modes, try to avoid something that would be SUPER hard to program, or something that eliminates ship types ("in this map, railguns don't work").

How about open space. Free form flight. Joystick support. PVE mission that can be played with friends.

Ryuku-sama's Avatar

07.31.2014 , 03:58 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Cerrabus View Post
How about open space. Free form flight. Joystick support. PVE mission that can be played with friends.
How about... Go find another game. Find any instance in this game that is completely open.
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