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No more PREMADE GROUPS in non rated pvp PLEASE

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No more PREMADE GROUPS in non rated pvp PLEASE

Gandrake's Avatar

07.27.2014 , 01:26 PM | #1
People like to group for PvE and PvP. Let them.... Hey I have an idea... Call it "Rated PvP". Open up all the wz's for this thing called "Rated PvP". Then there can be 8v8 and 4v4 premade groups. Make it what it should have originally have been intended to do. Make unrated pvp just be something you can queue up for singly.

You limited it to 4 people in a premade, but, why you didn't just make it 8. People are on Vent, TS3, or other voice programs and they Are queuing at exactly the same time. Due to the way your system is set up these people are getting into the War Zones with an 8 player premade and are whopping all over the standard or leveling pvp geared people.

I guess your ideas as developers and us players is quite different. It would be nice if games were somewhat equal. It's turning out to be more and more of whoop *** team against a non whoop *** team 98% of the time when I play and I play a lot.