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Tank dps question

Methoxa's Avatar

07.22.2014 , 11:58 PM | #11
3.5k? Am I missing something? Nightmare-calibre DPS in 186s are pulling 4.1k these days. That puts tanks at about 40% of what a DPS can do
On bosses except Nefra

I imagine it hurts though. Also…why?!?! If your healers are really a strength that you want to exploit, then exploit it by leaving up all four of the lightning adds in Phase 5. It takes the only damage check left in the fight and makes it nearly trivial at the cost of much higher healing.
It is dependant on your tactic. For example we let our Draxus Tank taunt 1 dismantler after he kicked 1 dps. A little more dps arent bad. But my note was a comment on the prior poster

I have been Jugg/Guardian tanking since before 2.0, and only recently started off-tanking in Rage spec. We reached a point with NiM Draxus where our DPS couldn't output more without derping assignments/mechanics. But since our healers can easily handle the extra work, I am really enjoying smashing all of the things.

I wrote current, not new, Sarcas-moe. Yeesh.
And i wrote "new" gear because "current" gear means (for me) the gear you are wearing right now. New gear means the newly added gear. But tankdps is and will always not matter the most but still it is not unimportant