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Pvp Tank

XhellsoulX's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 06:54 PM | #1
I was just wondering my friend is going to be buying this game tomorrow and most likely will be a medic(not sure which one, most likely the smuggler/IA) He said he wants to play on a PVP server which i dont have a problem with. I was wondering since we will be playing together(mostly just doing story but still having fun in pvp) would a tank be any good for pvp, because i know a tank and healer together would be pretty good for pve, but would it be good for pvp also or would it just be better if i was a DPS person?

Edit: Found the answer to the question in a stick forum, should have looked before posting, sorry.
I guess another question would be after reading that would a tank in pvp just used for tanking and not dealing damage or would they do both?