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What Rewards would you like to see for Ranked PvP?

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What Rewards would you like to see for Ranked PvP?
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07.08.2014 , 05:58 AM | #251
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
I'd like to see -
- an Pre-Season 1 Ranked Participation Title - if this doesn't exist yet.
Why ? Simply because the "Pre-Season" was by far the longest Season in Ranked yet ...
Good idea! How about "2 Years Of RWZ And All I Got Was This Stupid Title"?
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07.08.2014 , 02:14 PM | #252
I can't wait to see the reactions when all of the S2 Rewards are housing decorations. Seriously, cannot wait.

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07.08.2014 , 03:13 PM | #253
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmajamma View Post
i can't wait to see the reactions when all of the s2 rewards are housing decorations. Seriously, cannot wait.

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07.09.2014 , 01:21 PM | #254
Quote: Originally Posted by Jimmajamma View Post
I can't wait to see the reactions when all of the S2 Rewards are housing decorations. Seriously, cannot wait.
I would riot.
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07.11.2014 , 04:20 AM | #255
Whatever it is, please oh please let it not be just a house decoration. You've shown a history of chronically neglecting PvPers and especially hardcore PvPers, do not **** this up again by giving us a house decoration that no one would care about. Unique (not available on cm, not available through pve, not a recolour) mount/armor/weapon and then as a bonus a house decoration of some sort. Pls
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07.12.2014 , 04:08 PM | #256
A pet strill.
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07.15.2014 , 10:30 AM | #257
I think a unique Krayt Dragon mount, which cannot be acquired any other way, would be an awesome reward. And please don't put it on the Cartel Market afterwards. Make it a mount unique to PvPers, which can only be obtained by doing ranked and getting your rating up.

Ancagalon's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 03:36 AM | #258
as a reward i d like to have (for the top 3) a dev who understand, play and fix pvp.
So pretty much none of you guys :
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JourrnoRush's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 12:22 PM | #259
Housing decorations!

A nice centerpiece for tier 1 (maybe a mount also), tier two the next step down from a centerpiece (pet/armor/weapon), tier 3 a picture of some sort.

Housing decorations as ranked rewards must happen, would be great for the community!!!
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07.18.2014 , 02:02 AM | #260
Quote: Originally Posted by Savej View Post

Start a museum where those with the highest rankings for a given season get a statue/holo-statue (visible to anyone that wants to walk to the archives and visit memory lane).

Maybe set up dueling areas on the fleets and name them after the latest champions.

Emotes with waving flags and confetti.

Armor shells as good as some cartel sets with augment slots already available (add to collections).

Distinctive weapons.
Yes yes yes. A museum on one of the fleet ships or even better - capital world - would be AMAZING. Maybe you could call it the Republic/Imperial War Hero Memorial Site or something cool like that. A massive room with statues of those top players in their preferred stance and armor would be soooooooooooooo cool.

I think we would all like to see some new exclusive pvp armor sets that give slightly higher stat boosts than the current ranked pvp gear available on the fleet. something like +2-3 more to base stats than the ranked gear.

Mounts aren't all that cool imo. I know a lot of people like them but I'm fine with a basic vehicle as long as it reaches the same speed as the other more unique models.

Companion upgrades or personal starship upgrades would be cool too. Like maybe a trophy section on your personal starship to display ahievements and leaderboard position for each season.

As for companions, unique pvp companion gear that is slightly more effective against players than the ranked mods. Again, just a +2-3 base stat boost and maybe +3-4 Expertise rating on each piece.

Vendor perks. If you're the best player for your faction, why shouldn't you be recognized galaxy-wide and shown the appreciated you deserve from those NPCs you work so hard to protect? Discounts. 5-10% discounts on a major variety of vendors within your side's faction and unique greeting and goodbye dialogue. It pays to win - but it should literally PAY to win.

Top leaderboard exclusive buffs. Probably going to be opposed by everyone but i think it would be cool. 1-2% damage reduction and maybe like +3% to expertise rating or something like that.
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