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The perils of Darth Squirrelcorpse: Light Side PVP Lightning Sorceress

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The perils of Darth Squirrelcorpse: Light Side PVP Lightning Sorceress

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07.14.2014 , 12:15 AM | #21
I went on vacation to my parents' vacation place on a small island far away from cili-vization, which is why there's been not much from me.

But I have been playing. Darth Squirrelcorpse 2XP'ed her way up to the mid-30s, now level 36. I'm still focusing on going as high as I can on the lightning skill tree first, before doubling back to other skill tree things that might be useful.


Much like reaching your 30s in real life, reaching level 30 means you are much better at certain things, but find there are other things you can't do like you once did back in your teens and 20s.

Healing, for one thing. Group Finder will still default to queueing you up as a healer for flashpoints, and then you find you didn't actually get Kuat Drive Yards, you got an actual flashpoint instead, you're the designated healer, and you can't heal for ****.

For the poor people who ended up with Squirrelcorpse as their healer -- I AM SO SORRY. SO, SO VERY SORRY. And at the very end, I actually lost connection to the server (remote island, remember?) right at the big boss, dropping her out of the battle. So they probably think Squirrel's the worst healer ever. And in this case, she was.


An odd thing happened in a deathmatch warzone: Squirrelcorpse's team won.

That doesn't usually happen with a Zap Witch. Node-capturing warzones? She is a tiny little ball of bad *********** news for the opponents. (Assuming you're, say, not on Novare Coast and your entire team caps one gun AND THEN JUST SITS THERE FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH. Which is a thing that happened. But I digress.)

But in Deathmatch? The Ops chat usually goes something like this:

"Well, ****, this one's over before it even begins."

"Yep. Maybe we can at least take their *********** healer out before the round's over, just for spite?"

So at the start of the deathmatch, Squirrel's team barged forward into the opposition, and Squirrelcorpse (as usual) hung back to start feeding long-range Chain Lightning into the fray, and to her shock (heh) and surprise, no one was attacking her. Even when the battle went down to 2 vs 1, the one remaining opponent attacked the other guy. So Squirrelcorpse popped a bubble on her teammate and healed him. Bam.

Round 2, Squirrelcorpse was dead three seconds in.

So they learned. I typed into the Ops chat, "Oh, I see our opponent realized they should kill the Zap Witch first."

And then a very strange thing happened. A very stupid thing, without which the Warzone would have ended in our favor.

They have two, we have two. Having nothing else to do, I'm watching closely. But I only see one teammate fighting both opponents. They are down to below 1/3 health, both of her teammates are at 1/2 and above. But that doesn't last long at all, because it's in actuality a 2v1 scenario. After my teammate dies, he demands a "***?" from our teammate, an Operative, who has stealthed and is doing nothing.

******* Operative: "But I was healing up."

Me: "Yeah, you were fully healed before the point when our opponents got healed back up."

And then the Operative just sat there hidden.

I talked to my brother, The Dog, about this. "Oh yeah, used to be an Operative in that situation could just wait it out until the match went into Sudden Death, and then just quickly take out both opponents before they knew what was going on."

That's not what happened here. They found him somehow, and euthanized him quickly.

Third round, I managed to survive a whole 20 seconds, using just about every trick in the book I could think of while all 4 opponents attacked me at once. I'm actually getting really good at using tricks to run away and basically get people to attack ANYONE ELSE BUT POOR LITTLE SQUIRRELCORPSE. But it's hard when you're marked.


Level 34 is when you get Lightning Storm. This is like sex. Not only that, but it's channeled, and even if it's interrupted immediately, it triggers the instant, zero-energy, no-cast-time Chain Lightning effect. THIS IS ABSOLUTE MURDER in WarZones where you capture a node. And it's really fun in PvE when you are cleaning up groups of trash. The lightning storm holds them in place and charges the chain lightning, then chain lightning basically wipes 'em out.

Still, I notice I rarely have as much damage as my teammates in PVP WarZones. I think this is from a combination of:
  1. Staying way out of range and waiting for others to engage before I do,
  2. Running away as soon as anyone notices me,
  3. Cast time

That said, despite the cast time and need to set things up, at this level, when the Zap Witch finally does manage to get a shot off, it hits like a freight train. No wonder everyone tries to kill her!

Anyway, enough talking about playing; time to get back online and start playing. I'm going to try and solo a HEROIC 4 on Alderaan. Alderaan's level 29, so she's a bit over-leveled at 36 for it. I was going to spend more time doing planetary quests, but they're just not interesting enough story-wise to continue. But if you're into Bioanalysis, it's an absolute dream, for the abundance of Hallucinogenic Compound that can be sold on GTN for $1000 each...

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07.14.2014 , 02:22 AM | #22
do get Arenas in regular WZ queue in lvl10-29 and 30-54 bracket? or the arenas only pops for lvl55?
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07.14.2014 , 02:29 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Nebdar View Post
do get Arenas in regular WZ queue in lvl10-29 and 30-54 bracket? or the arenas only pops for lvl55?
Arenas are for everyone! I'm only level 36, so there it is...

Lundorff's Avatar

07.14.2014 , 02:43 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Rimbosity View Post
I'm going to try and solo a HEROIC 4 on Alderaan. Alderaan's level 29, so she's a bit over-leveled at 36 for it.
You will get OH SO KILLED

You might kill a few here or there but soon it will be clear why it's a 4 player thing. And some of those heroics actually requires several players to activate stuff.

LilyJedi's Avatar

07.14.2014 , 06:44 AM | #25
I dunno. H2s are very do-able at 6 levels over, especially with a 1 minute CC available, if your gear is up to scratch (full blues within a level or 2 of your level, esp. hilt and offhand armoring) -- although Khem Val's death field thing is murder on CCs (Treek is so much better).

It's also quite viable (if it's an instanced area) to run out of the instance after killing half of a pack while your companion stages a heroic last stand -- although again, this gets harder the deeper you are in. Open world Heroic areas are trickier, not the least because, while the mobs will eventually Evade, you will probably be running through respawned areas.

Overall, though, better to get a group together, depending on your server population.

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07.14.2014 , 12:41 PM | #26
What was the equivalent of Chain Lightning for Sages again ? I don't have any Sorceror ...
About balancing classes :
Quote: Originally Posted by Hockaday View Post
It's weird really...they balance around PvP...but give PvE the content.
Quote: Originally Posted by Surbatu View Post
When everybody plays one class = perfect balance. Right? Problem solved.

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07.14.2014 , 02:13 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Lundorff View Post
You will get OH SO KILLED

You might kill a few here or there but soon it will be clear why it's a 4 player thing. And some of those heroics actually requires several players to activate stuff.
Oh, yes. We were nuked. It was a level 31, not merely level 29, so at level 36 (with full blue 35 gear) she wasn't quite overpowered enough. And Khem Val's nowhere near geared properly.

But then I ganked my first pub, which was nice. Actually it wasn't nice. It wasn't very fun at all. It was some poor level 29 gunslinger who was struggling with the scenery, already down to half HP, and I just kind of absent-mindedly let loose with Chain Lightning, red-misting the gunslinger and the scenery he was struggling with.

I was expecting more of a fight... like, some kind of epic duel but... the poor thing. The poor sod. The poor bastard. I just kind of feel sorry for him. (I mean, she is Light Side, ya know?)

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07.14.2014 , 02:19 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
What was the equivalent of Chain Lightning for Sages again ? I don't have any Sorceror ...
I asked my brother, the dog, and he replied, "telekinetic wave."

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07.15.2014 , 02:59 PM | #29
I did finally figure out why I was medaling so much in the warzones at first: I was hitting a lot of first-time achievements. Now that I've got a lot of those achievements already... I actually have to work for my medals.

It seems she still can medal quite a bit.

The overall damage over time she does isn't much, for the reasons listed above -- the strategy of staying the hell away from any attackers, and cast time. But when the casts get off, they really, really hit hard. But mostly, she benefitted in this instance from Rykem, who made her effectively invincible. I swear, two-thirds of those healing points all poured into Squirrelcorpse.

One comment my brother, the dog, made about Ancient Hypergate: "Don't bother defending the middle. If you get both pylons, then your opponent can't get any points." As the large number of Objectives achieved by my Zap Witch shows (not to mention the big victory), he has a point. That said, don't try to steal it right at the beginning. I've had opponents try doing that (and tried it myself), and it usually means nothing. It's more beneficial to go mid-game, when some of the opposition is in the respawn holding area and few are actually around to defend.

A Zap Witch also isn't going to cap anything if she doesn't have a healer nearby making her nearly indestructible, anyway.

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07.15.2014 , 07:01 PM | #30
I have a great deal of respect for the players who know the strongest combinations for their roles, especially in a PvP environment; which is so hyper-competitive.

I have a great deal more respect for the players who look at the discarded, discredited, or unused specs and looks at the hidden possibilities. Players like you are the people who probably get the least amount of sympathy, and probably no small amount of hate, for not preforming at optimal levels. Yet its people like you who find the new play-styles and the new techniques a class is capable of. Today you are writing amusing anecdotes about an unused spec. perhaps a year from now, you will be writing 'The Zap Witch Guide to PvP.'

Not to say you might be the chosen one or anything. Perhaps Squirrelcorpse's destiny is just to be amusing. Either way, you provide the sort of vibes I like to see on a form.

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