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Advanced Class Change Needed

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07.09.2014 , 09:18 PM | #1
Hello, I Have a level 27 Jedi Guardian Vigilance Skill Tree and a Level 36 Trooper Vanguard Tactics, I Messed up on my Jedi Guardian sadly, now, in 2013 there was a blog with the dev's and they asked if there was a Faction and or Advanced Class change, The Dev's said this

We have had serious talks recently about offering an Advanced Class change option Ė I think that one will likely happen eventually. Species is likely as well. Doing a faction switch is considerably more difficult for us, though, due to the various quest flags set throughout the level up process, so this isnít on the horizon anytime soon

I don't care about the faction change I don't want that I just want the advanced class change.

does anyone know when this will happen because they pretty much said that it will happen, I don't care if it costs cartel coins and don't go hating on my saying stuff like "Noob shouldn't have picked that" or "Then restart!" okay?

if anyone gives me a valid answer I thank you.

And no I don't want to switch CLASSES i want to switch ADVANCED CLASSES because I read a post where a guy said this

I rolled a Paladin but I want to be a Warrior now, wah wah let me pay money to convert so I don't have to level again.
Worst idea ever, last thing an MMO needs is class conversion, enough people already suck at playing the AC they have, never mind letting them change to another without having to level with it to learn the ropes.

And the question was about the same as mine but everyone was trolling or saying NEVER! but they never read the blog, I will also give you the link to the blog.
This is the link

Question #18 was the question about Faction / Advanced Class / Race although I know that the race one they have already put in.