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Kicking from group...?

madmaxdogscats's Avatar

06.18.2014 , 10:39 AM | #81
I just wont be doing these very much. The system is broken if you can grief someone by kicking them for loot or any other reason other than AFK. Another part of the game that cannot be enjoyed, due to griefing.

EranofArcadia's Avatar

06.18.2014 , 01:13 PM | #82
I've only been trollkicked once, and that was halfway through a KDY run meaning a) it would take no time to requeue and b) I had only invested about 15 minutes into that run, so no real loss. Didnt even /ignore the perpetrators.

Adaliaya's Avatar

06.20.2014 , 10:22 PM | #83
Quote: Originally Posted by Blastersponge View Post
Heh, don't feel bad I was told I was the worst heals ever and removed from reg mode Foundry....I was playing my sniper.
Commando Healer always pulls first, and dies. Few times this, then he starts on chat "<my name> you nOOb, you must heal me"
I say: "you are healer"
He says: "I have heavy armor, you have cloth armor, you are healer!"
I was playing my DPS Shadow
Luckily real tank initiatived votekick and we got very good Scoundrel healer. Run was Athiss SM btw
Commando was propably trolling tough