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Are the collections prices intended or a bug?

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Are the collections prices intended or a bug?
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GrandLordMenace's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 04:23 PM | #171
At this point, they should as compensation have a ridiculous discount and fix the drop rate for a few days as compensation. This is ridiculous, borderline price fixing, and a jab in the eye to the player base. I mean seriously, 600 for an EMOTE?! Are you ******** me?
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ivanhedgehog's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 04:51 PM | #172
Quote: Originally Posted by Reno_Tarshil View Post
Having had some time extra time to ponder all this. It's their game and they have every right to do what they want with it but the way this was handled was very terrible.

If you want to expiriment? That's fine and well but to do so without letting us know is pretty bad.

If the next pack that comes out is the same as this one, I honestly think you're going to lose a lot of money.

I honestly hope our feedback about this isn't ignored...
they are already going to lose a lot of money.
it took them a week and a half to determine that this change was intended..thats a load og bantha droppings.if it takes 10 days to have the dev in charge wake up from his drug induced stupor to say "well ya, thats on purpose" then they have bigger problems than just poor communications. what they did was screw this up, and are now denying that because they dont want to fix it. I am looking forwards to the next pack and dismal sales figures.

Clarian's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 05:06 PM | #173
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Rarities and collection costs are right.
I don't find your explanation at all credible. The only explanation I can see that fits the facts is, you messed up, but a fix would be too difficult and costly, so you're trying to sweep it under the rug.

Beheader's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 05:12 PM | #174
This makes me want to rant so hard, I just don't know where to start. This game is a bigger disappointment than a limp dick
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06.19.2014 , 05:14 PM | #175
Well played, BW, well played.

i had re-subbed for a variety of reasons, mostly nostalgia, and had seriously been considering buying a hypercrate instead of my usual policy of buying the very occasional pack and getting most pieces through GTN. Still, this latest pack on top of what i've seen of the upcoming housing has left me a bit dubious. i may have have been a bit premature in my decision to resub.

Easily fixed, i can just cancel again and see how things settle out in 4-6 months. Still, i hope the hardcore fans won't be too put out by this and will stick with the game.
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facesofderek's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 05:25 PM | #176
So the experiment was to make the upper and supplementary armor boxes super rare? I can understand the Lore chest pieces being rare items, they always were, but boxes have generally had the same all around drop rate and rarity. To say this is a massive disappointment is an understatement. It feels like a bald faced lie, and I can only imagine that if you told it to me face to face you'd have one of those grins that tell me you know I know you are full of ****.

Adwynyth's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 05:48 PM | #177
I had already stopped buying packs after realizing exactly how much money I'd spent on this game.

This doesn't inspire me to reverse that. Quite the opposite.
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ivanhedgehog's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 05:56 PM | #178
Quote: Originally Posted by Evalyn View Post
If I knew this was all messed up before I bought packs I would have saved my money, now I know for the future.
I have seriously been considering reversing the charges. this was not what was advertised.

thewitchdoctor's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 06:17 PM | #179
I'll add my dos pesos: I *was* going to buy a crate for a chance at the walker in the next pack.

But I want you to see my part in a hopeful drop in expected revenue, so, I won't.
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TheSeer's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 07:12 PM | #180
Quote: Originally Posted by RSKeogh View Post
Can't believe the first hypercrate I buy was this pack. What a load of ****. Well I can promise I won't be buying another hypercrate and probably another pack again. I will just wait for the gtn if I really want something that isn't another reskin. I'm usually very happy with the game but this a bloody joke.
^I did the very same thing and feel the same way. That is last hypercrate I ever buy, same goes for my sister (who thankfully didn’t buy one yet). Why take the chance they decide to do another experiment, without a warning? If it had been just some strange bug, I would have understood, even knowing nothing could be done for those who already opened their packs.

And the new collection price are outrageous, if this become normal, I am done buying items to unlock. Well, I guess, their helping me save money. In truth, most of the time, I like this game but things like this really put me off it.