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GF Ops Mission Not Completing

ZeridanShear's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 06:44 PM | #1
So, at this point, I currently have 3 tickets open because in 3 seperate instances this weekend (and today) the toons I have completed the GF Ops Mission on (or rather, completed the Op itself) have not given me the supposed rewards. Better still, there has been no response to the tickets.

Yes, I'm entitled here. Someone needs to fix this quickly because 2.8 was hailed as this great new change to Group Finder...only to have it being completed screwed up. I get that there will be errors, but we need far more than just it being passed along here.

As it stands it seems like the issue is partly with groups starting at a boss other than the first (or at least where I've seen an issue so far). Additionally, it gives a red error text saying you're unable to travel to the location of the Ops. You're given the mission, but even if you complete the Op, you do not get the mission completed.

So please...give us something here. Clearly this is more than just one person experiencing this mess.

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06.17.2014 , 09:09 PM | #2

Jerba's Avatar

06.18.2014 , 02:48 AM | #3
Relax, we are getting a patch today that will fix this for the future. However, for past operations, you can still get the comms from Customer Service. Make sure you create in-game tickets under the category "Items / inventory" (NOT as a bug report) and specify your character name, server name, the operation you ran, the time from when to when it lasted, and which other players were in the group.
If you send it in under the wrong category, CS will ignore it since they don't forward them to the right team, and if you don't include all this information, they cannot confirm that you actually did run the operation and are eligible for the rewards.
I read that other players got their comms granted, so I am assuming you either need to wait some more days, or did not write correct tickets.

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06.19.2014 , 05:53 AM | #4
Did this get fixed in the latest patch?