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Dont You agree ?

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06.16.2014 , 09:21 AM | #11
Caveat: The following comments are based on factors and conditions relevant only to me; therefore, anything perceived as negative should not be read as a denunciation of the game.

I play SWTOR because I'm marginally fond of the Star Wars movie franchise; I am not generally a fan of science fiction. More importantly, I play SWTOR, as opposed to other MMOs because:

I'm utterly and completely burned out on (WoW), have maxed gold-carrying capacity on three alts there, and accomplished everything I cared to do. The player community has changed drastically over the past few years, and definitely not for the better.

I could probably get into The Secret World (TSW) again, but the game environment frankly depresses me and the last time I tried getting into TSW the crafting system did not appeal to me.

Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) is still hobbling along on life support and it's 17th Century Caribbean sailing ship setting appeals mightily to me. PotBS also has perhaps the best crafting system in any MMO. Unfortunately, while the ship combat is tailor made for someone with my disabilities, the land combat is not.

Perfect World (PW) is another game ideally suited to my physical limitations, and I like the classes, graphics, and animations very much. Years ago it had a good crafting system and economy, but these have been utterly destroyed by the stridently P2W cash shop and mechanisms that allow capping alts in only a few days.

Guild Wars (GW) -- all three expansions -- appeals very much to me because outside of cities the game is totally instanced. The combat works for me in every way, and with the expansions I quite like that I can populate squads comprising my own alts. GW is a very tactical game, something I like above all other games, but crafting there is all but nonexistent and the game is only a quest grind, ostensibly toward a PvP endgame -- something I do not do.

I could go on to list numerous other MMOs: LotRO -- hate the animations and graphics; GW2 -- immature and snarky community; ESO -- bot-ridden, buggy, and ill-conceived; Wildstar -- I outgrew Saturday-morning cartoons 40 odd years ago and the very people who come here praising WS are an indication of the community there.

I play SWTOR not because it's a great game (for me) but because the combat mechanics work for me, there's some crafting (though it's horribly gimped by the CM), and because there're enough things going on in the game universe besides questing that I can remain marginally interested.

In the past I've considered myself a hardcore player -- for years in WoW and PW (before it went totally P2W) I played 12-18 hours daily. My interest in WoW was always purely economic, but in PW I quite prided myself on doing things with squishy clerics that were thought near-impossible, and because I was one of the go-to healers I was continually doing grouped dungeons. My engagement in SWTOR has never reached these levels, not because of the game itself, but because of the community. I don't do groups because they're rush-rush-rush, need-need-need, and there's no place for someone doing a dungeon for the first time or who doesn't know everything expected. Guess I've never found the right guild, and at this point I've given up.

Again, none of my comments are relative to anyone but me; so, this cannot be taken as a critique of SWTOR. I'm not a SWTOR devotee, I play it because there's no other current MMO that captivates me. If that circumstance changes, I will leave again. In all, my rationale for being here probably does not stand as a powerful testament for the game. I'm very pragmatic about SWTOR; like many of you I was here at launch, and following quite positive experiences with WoW and PW, I was fully geared up to love the game. The fact that I was so disappointed with it put me off on MMOs altogether. Before SWTOR's launch I used to rise each morning chomping at the bit to get in game, spent my time away from the game planning and researching. Nowadays, whether I even log in at all is a toss up, and I have absolutely no expectations whatsoever that the next SWTOR expansion, or the one after will change the way I feel.

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06.16.2014 , 10:50 AM | #12
Not really. The reason is that a given broken piece is not broken for everyone because few people use it. The cost-benefit for fixing a broken piece is much lower than it is for new content available to everyone. It is much more important to fix broken content in a class story because there are so few of them and they will be encountered by so many players. But a broken helmet that doesn't cover your ears correctly will only be noticed by a certain percentage of players who use the helmet. Most will (or can use) "hide head slot" anyway.