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Questions about class, gathering skills etc.

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Questions about class, gathering skills etc.

Jacen_Matthews's Avatar

06.15.2014 , 12:46 AM | #1
So I am coming fresh into the game.

Which class is the best overall. I plan to PVP, PVE, GSF all of it.

I have no money, I want to make money, should I take 3 gathering skills or a crew skill to make something. Whats the best road to take.

Also, I am pretty sure I am going Empire, but if you think you can convince me, give it a shot.

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.
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Nazdika's Avatar

06.15.2014 , 01:36 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacen_Matthews View Post
Which class is the best overall. I plan to PVP, PVE, GSF all of it.
The one you like the best. It is a question like "which color is the best". Tank, healer, rDD, mDD, lightsaber or guns, etc. etc. all a matter of taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacen_Matthews View Post
I have no money, I want to make money, should I take 3 gathering skills or a crew skill to make something. Whats the best road to take..
Gathering skills are the easier, more straightforward way to make credits early on. It is possible with crafts but needs way more thought. People like slicing, since one pretty much picks up raw credits (in lockboxes). On the first planet I like archeology, since power crystal of first tier often sell well. As opposed to scavenging, and bioanalysis. That is already too much thinking for most so they leave out archeology. Again, all a matter of taste.

Luneward's Avatar

06.15.2014 , 03:10 AM | #3
If you're only going to play one faction, I won't try to talk you out of playing Empire. A lot of people tend to agree the imperial storylines are better than the republic ones. My opinion is because it is more varied in moral choices, and there's a lot more grey as opposed to the more black and white Republic storylines.

If you are starting fresh I recommend you read up a bit on the classes. Once you pick an advanced class you are stuck with it unless you restart the character, so decide what you want first. I have a rough guideline on the classes to help you make up your mind.

Sith Warrior: This is the one class that doesn't really have large differences between its advanced classes. Juggernauts can tank, and marauders are more fragile but have decent group utility. It mostly just comes down to which flavor of close range melee combatant you want.

Bounty Hunter - both ACs benefit from relatively easy to manage resources in almost all their specs and easy to learn and use(but difficult to master) combat rotations.
Powertech: Close ranged tank and dps. Thought of by a lot of people as one of the easier to learn tanking specs. It's dps specs are one of the most mobile since they have almost no abilities that involve a cast time or channel abilities. Very useful in high movement ops or Pvp.
Mercenary: Long ranged healer and dps. One of the better hybrid healers at least in part due to being the only class to get an AoE heal as part of their baseline kit. Powerful single target healing and moderate quick burst aoe healing. Tends to be very rooted in place a lot because of all the cast-time abilities.

Imperial Agent:
Sniper: Long range DPS. You're stuck as a DPS so keep that in mind. Generally characterized by decently easy to learn and maintain combat rotations. Generally thought of as one of the best single target DPS in game. Can be problematic at times in PvP due to reliance on the cover mechanic, but snipers have various tools to break crowd control and evade opponents.
Operative: Close ranged stealther. The DPS specs are some of the more difficult to properly maintain resources and keep up a solid roation - and somewhat if not very reliant on positioning to stay behind an enemy. Powerful in the right hands. Very powerful group, operation, and pvp healing due to powerful instant heals and hots that are usable on the move. Also easiest healer to maintain resources, with multiple ways to regain if you drain your energy pool too far.

Sith Inquisitor: These advanced classes differ almost as much as the Imperial Agent classes do. My opinion is SI tends to fell very weak at first because they tend to pick up a lot of their signature abilities and talents much later than most classes so you don't get a very good feel for how they play until later in character development.
Assasin: Close range stealther and tank. One of the trickier classes to master because you generally need to pay more attention to maintaining and micromanaging a lot of abilities. They do feel very rewarding, and a well played assasin can pull off marvels.
Sorcerer: Long range DPS and helaer. The prototypical MMO spellcaster. For DPS you can choose between a direct damage with very good aoe or a DoT spec. The healers have a lot of interesting spells, and can have some of the highest sustained burst, but that comes at the cost of being more difficult to manage their resources, and having fewer on demand methods of recuperating if you had to blow most of your resource pool to keep people alive.
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06.15.2014 , 10:58 AM | #4
Don't worry about making money. You will make money in the game just by selling drops you don't need. I sold a green light saber yesterday and got 40K for it. So do pick up whatever drops. Sometimes you get lucky.

In terms of class, if you take to the game, you;ll be playing more than one character anyway. I'm playing my first Sith now, my 4th character overall, and wow! What a difference! The stories make the game, and they're all different. And in terms of Empire vs Republic, there is great opportunity to do evil and harm in the Republic and great opportunity to do good in the Empire. It's not really all in the faction at all.

Merouk's Avatar

06.15.2014 , 03:58 PM | #5
3 gathering skills for your first character sounds like a good plan. In addition, make the most out of the quest reward armor, and use the many planet coins you get from questing to buy more gear from the planet vendors. That way you don't spend too much on the GTN (auction house).

As for the best class to play... this game's strength is in the voiced dialogue and in the class and planet stories and quests. So I would recommend playing all 8 classes (one by one to 50) so you can see their stories. IMO the PVP, raids, and GSF are, at best, equivalent to WoW's standards, actually slightly less. They can be fun, but meh.

Your first character will get a Legacy name, and then you can buy and use the Legacy perks (extra storage, unlocked races, etc.) and Collections system to make gearing up your alts much easier than your first character. The Cartel Market (microtransactions) is designed to maximize your spending, but certain things are worth it, and otherwise you can buy CM armor sets and speeders and such from the GTN (auction house) with in-game credits, instead of spending real cash.

All classes are "good"; each class gets up to 5 companions, so you always have your choice of tank, healer, or DPS pet with you, which makes progression equally easy for every class.

Kulyok's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 12:09 AM | #6
If you're coming fresh, chances are you'll like something simple, like Sith Warrior with advanced class - Marauder(chosen at level 10), or Imperial Agent with advanced class - Sniper, or Bounty Hunter(any advanced class). Story-wise, I cannot recommend BH with a clear conscience if you haven't played Sith Warrior or Imperial Agent yet, though.

(SWTOR doesn't have a steep learning curve, but Inquisitor, for example, might be harder to play for newcomers than a dual-wielding Marauder with two lightsabers, defensive skills and lots of ways to cause intense pain to the oppponents).

Since you're new, you'll also need a lot of medpacs for yourself, and a many med units that heal both you and your companion. I would choose Biochem as your crafting skill, then Bioanalysis to support Biochem(and don't believe if someone tells you it can't make you rich. It can! On the Progenitor server, Green Goo can cost 100-200 per one unit; on Red Eclipse server, Genetic Anomalies cost 900+, Hallucinogenic Seeds cost 1400++, and more rare Tier 1 components can be 900 per unit, too).

The third crafting skill can be anything - Slicing to get raw credits, for example, as you've been advised. It works very well, because you'll be able to pick up boxes of credits as you go. Actually, my alt that had Bio, Bio and Slicing was the only self-sufficient one, all other alts needed 150k on level 40 to pay for the Piloting Skill III.

I won't be convincing you to go Republic: having tried all the stories, I think I like Empire ones much more. But eventually, if you keep playing, you may want to create at least one Republic alt to try all the planetary/supplementary quests the Republic storyline offers. Some of them are very good.
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