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Character 'Stark' (Class mission The Euphony) = unbeatable

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Character 'Stark' (Class mission The Euphony) = unbeatable

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06.15.2014 , 06:32 AM | #41
I'll stop bothering with the class quests then ^_^

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06.15.2014 , 07:10 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by EurythmyX View Post
Hi, Spudik, Halinalle, Mega-ster,

You were right as from the start: my main was not equiped the right way. I even noticed that tough i placed MK-9 I failed to put in the resolve augments also(?) Changed the gear as you told to adept enh. (= power + surge) & initiative enh. (=accuracy + power), the hilt to resolve hilt, crystal to power, & changed the relics to 2x hawkeye mind-bending (= increasing power by 145 each for 30 secs.) & changed implants + D-focus. This new equip based focussed on Willpower > power > Surge >Critical as you advised to do. Stats of the Sage Kinetic at present:

str 95 / Pres. 214 / aim 47 / Cunning 97 / Endurance 1238 / Willpower 1121/ damage pri 400-528 / bonus damage 143 / accuracy 96,95% critical 7,94% / crit. mult. 70,41 / health 14625 / armor 2084 / damage red. 16,97% / defense chance 11,57

In short: obviously as from beginning with the Sage I was playing it on approx. 60% of its dpsmax possibilies, each level. Bit stupid of me that I failed to notice that earlier. On the other hand: made the fights before Belsavis quite challenging in tactical ways as playing on 60% dps-power only, i mean.

Beated Stark today,in fact far too easily with the aboce specs...since level 47 and above stats is kind of overkill.

Thank you both for the helping advise provided. Players like you (&others alike) form the basis of pleasant & nice MMO communities(!) Maybe, this thread can be referred to in future if another player might have some problems beating Stark.

Thread closed, CHEERS!
I'm glad things are looking gd now Also don't neglect the critical rating completely. Having around 150-200 crit rating (2-4 items, based on ur level) will only make things better.
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