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[Biochem] More Medkit Schematics?

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[Biochem] More Medkit Schematics?

Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

06.11.2014 , 11:00 PM | #1
Took biochem on my lowbie SW. Just hit 22. My lv for bio right now is about..115ish or so

I currently have purples for compact, surgicial, and tech surgical kits. Having those saved my life in a few sticky spots, and I have a few purples for the stims, adrens.

But when do new medkit schematics come up? I've gone to the vendor, and I see new stims, but nothing in the medkit dept....

also....a comp cannot use a stim right? I'm only crafting stims that tailor to str/endur....I wish I could pop a cunning based stim on Vette

Lelleyuk's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 12:06 AM | #2
You get schematics for med kits every 8 lvls, 8/16/24 and so on and yes, it would be nice to be able to give your comp a stim boost, especially when fighting elites or champions, but then, you would never learn to play your class properly then would you, as you be too reliant on your comp carrying the fight for you. Just a thought.

Mmurph's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 11:12 AM | #3
I think you get new med-kit schematics every 10 levels in the skill (it might be 20). They will alternate between for you and one that heals you and your comp. At 150 you can start making implants. Also, to check my info, talk to the trainer, then in the upper right corner of the schematic selections, select "All" vice "Trainable" and you can see every schematic you can learn and what your skill level must be to get it.

AlixMV's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 04:49 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Mmurph View Post
I think you get new med-kit schematics every 10 levels in the skill (it might be 20)..
As I'm in the process of leveling a few Biochem toons, I can say with some degree of reliability (without actually logging in) that it's less frequent than that.

I learn schematics every 20 levels of Biochem, and it tends to go:
  1. Self medpack
  2. Self+Comp medpack
  3. Fortitude stim
  4. Command stim

That would mean every 80 Biochem levels or so, you'd get a new self-medpack and the Self+Comp medpack. I think it may be squished closer together towards the end, though. so say every 60-80 Biochem levels on average.

Or, in toon levels as another commenter said, it's 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 48
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Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 01:53 AM | #5
Thanks, I didn't know about checking the trainer to see which things I can learn.

I just hit 23 through KDY, so at 24 I'll check the vendor again. I suppose that makes sense, medpaks can't be too powerful or anything, having the purples will come in handy, especially since I know how that dang Karr fight turns out.... ugh.

Is there any way to make a tiny profit with biochem? I mean.... I have worthless schematics just sitting willpower, and stuff like that...I can't make those stims and sell them?

Nazdika's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 02:54 AM | #6
To boost the companion you could use stuff with presence. But frankly, I do not think that is worth it beyond getting the datacrons, and enjoying the additional boost when you complete a class story.

You totally can sell stuff as biochem. In lower levels stims, and even more so adrenals are not in as high demand as later, but they do sell. The least probably in the first levels (lvl 8 stuff). The most probably those which help with difficult class story fights. Medpacks go fairly well at any level. The purple stuff tends to not sell well, for obvious reasons. Those who can use it, can make it themselves.

Biochem for selling is all about slow but steady income. I usually have a stack or two of the different stims, and put on GTN whichever currently sells for a decent price. One has to watch one's costs closely here. Watch GTN for a while. Naturally, what you see there is what is not sold yet. But still it will give you an idea of the prices that can be expected on your server. Also, try to offer what others do not. Like if you see all large stacks, offer small ones.

Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 01:07 AM | #7
Good point.

So stims I didn't need such as cunning, willpower....which bring in better profit? Stacks of green or purple?

The GTN confuses me, since prices can be anything really.

Halinalle's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 03:21 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi_Knight_Jess View Post
Is there any way to make a tiny profit with biochem?
If you have high enough supply for blue stims, adrenals and medkits/medunits then try selling those. Selling green items is a waste IMO because everyone can just buy green one from vendor for a bit less money (+ they don't give the same effect that crafted ones give but "you get what you pay for").

This Biochem guide seems to be still accurate. You can see at what level you get next schematics available (It's every 20 levels pre-50 and post-50 it's every 10 levels):

Nazdika's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 04:16 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi_Knight_Jess View Post
So stims I didn't need such as cunning, willpower....which bring in better profit? Stacks of green or purple?

The GTN confuses me, since prices can be anything really.
And me, too. I see it a bit as surfing. When the tide is high you want to hop on that surfboard and ride the wave till it goes down too much. Gotta know when to hop off. Now, WHERE the tide is going... very difficult to say. Main stats are usually a good starting point. I did not write down over time which stats sell best, my gut feeling would be strength. But any main stat sells sometime or other. My strategy is diversification, as I wrote. That has downsides too, but I like to think I can take advantage of many waves Presence and endurance I rarely produce, if at all. I do not check them out that often though, may have higher waves too when watched. Dunno. And as I mentioned above, medpacks are less trouble to sell for profit than stims.

I would not rule out green ones up front personally. At the end of the day, the cash-book tells whether an item is (was) worth producing. Check the prices for a while (few days including a weekend), see whether you want to produce for such prices. Low prices do not necessarily mean low profit. If a low priced item sells way faster than a high priced one, it can out-profit the later pretty fast.

With blue stims you quite quickly have considerable costs, so you have to get considerable prices to cover them. I do get them sooner or later on the servers I am playing but it depends naturally also on whether you have a good diplomat for the blue mats. (and purple I hope was a typo in your question. Purple stims have only 1 user-group and that one can produce them, themselves.)

You do know right? If one wants to go all control and pre-calculating, one can check the ingredients for certain schematics before developing them. You can check there what it will take to produce the item, so you can check what prices you will have to ask for it. Watching GTN for a while will tell you whether it is worth to develop the schem on your server. But yeah, all that pre-calculating... headache I hear you coming

Whatever you are doing, never ever sell below costs! Sounds obvious, and I am baffled since many years how many people do not follow that rule.