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Player Advancement

jaydickey's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 04:52 PM | #1
I'm new to mmo's so I'm here to ask how my stats compare to others. I'm a level 43 Jedi Shadow. My Health and Armor are 9151 and 3928, respectively. I deal just under 400 damage. I'm just wondering if those numbers are typical of a level 43 or not? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I'm not, but I try to take advantage of increasing my ratings whenever possible.

Hoshkar's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 06:41 PM | #2
If you and your companion are wearing 35-43 gear, you are fine. Some others are going to have more health, some will have less. As long as you are not struggling, or hating the game cause of how that class plays, then you are good!

If you are in full 43 stuff, and those are your numbers, the only way to get better stats is using blue or even more so purple, but to be honest, till 50, that is more or less a waste of credits, unless you are lucky on drops and get showered with loots.

A player in full greens can level just fine from 1-50. Not sure about 50-55, I had almost full Makeb mods when I hit 50. You might want to start thinking of saving up your planetary comms before hitting that level, you need I think 140 or so, for a full set of mods. Before then, I wouldn't worry to much about stats.

If your gear is fine, but you find killing slow, you might need to consider a different companion with you, or a change to your spent skill points.

Khevar's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 07:08 PM | #3
A better yardstick would be to see how easy or hard it is to tackle mobs at (or slightly above) your character level.

I'm guessing you're probably on Belsavis or Voss? What's it like fighting a group of level 43 or level 44 mobs? If you can comfortable tackle the group, you're doing great, no worries. If it's difficult, than try upgrading your gear, or change up how you go about tackling fights.