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Newbie tip: Roll Empire if you are going to PvP at all

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Newbie tip: Roll Empire if you are going to PvP at all

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12.25.2011 , 01:53 PM | #1
The game is currently bugged in several ways and has been all since beta. Although the classes are supposed to "mirror" each other the Republic classes overall suffer in several ways from abilities that are worse than the Empire ones.

* Shock (Inquisitor) instantly hits a target. Project (Consular) takes a while.

* Full Auto (Trooper) has a delay for the first hit and suffers from pushback (if struck even once, the last hit, or if really focused, the last TWO hits will not go off.) Unload (Bounty hunter) fires instantly and does not suffer these problems.

* Mortar Volley (Trooper) takes 1.5 seconds to begin dealing damage, even though the giant Republic symbol appears on the ground instantly. Death From Above (Bounty Hunter) activates almost instantly.

* Sabotage Charge (Smuggler) has a travel time. Explosive probe (Agent) is instant. This means that even an Operative can Snipe + Explosive Probe for some good burst on a target at range, while Scoundrels do not get this opportunity.

* Scattergun attacks (Smuggler) are WAY LOUDER than Vibroblade attacks (Agent), making assassinating a target in the back more difficult against teams who play with sound on.

I rolled a smuggler because I wanted the PvE story, but regret it as Bioware has shown no indication that they consider these differences bugs or inclination to fix them all through beta.