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(bounty hunter) Another day, another credit

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(bounty hunter) Another day, another credit

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04.29.2014 , 04:43 PM | #1
‘Bounty of 10000 credits has been transferred to your account.’ The man dressed in an Imperial uniform handed Asteeda a datapad. He immediately passed it along to the Devaronian sitting next to him, who took a quick look at it and gave a confirming nod.
‘A pleasure doing business with you, captain Quinn’ ‘Gault, contact Skadge and have him offload the cargo from the ship. And remind him that if he damages my ship Ill use his worthless hide for target practice’. ‘My men are already at the location hunter’ said captain Quinn as he turned around. ‘The Empire thanks you for your time’
‘Drinks are on me’ said Asteeda as he watched the Imperial captain leave the cantina. ‘Blizz, go fetch us another round will you?’ He tossed the Jawa a few credit chips. The Jawa chattered with excitement. ‘Oh boy oh boy! Boss and Blizz and miss Mako all getting more drinks!’ Gault tapped the Jawa on the back of his head ‘Hey don’t forget my drink you furry rodent’

Asteeda looked up as his protégé Torian entered the cantina. ‘Imps cleared out boss. But I just got an incoming holocall. Might be a new job for us’ ‘Well let’s hear it’ said the older Mandalorian. ‘Mako my love, can you get us a secure channel?’ ‘Already done love’ she said with a smile. She placed a kiss on the T-shaped visor of his helmet. Gault rolled his eyes. ‘Get a room please’
The holoprojector in the middle of the table sprung to life. A hologram of a man wearing a Republic uniform appeared. Torian uttered a soft Mandalorian curse. ‘Reps found us already?’ Asteeda silenced the younger Mandalorian with a hand gesture and said: ‘What do you want Republican?’ The hologram answered with a Coruscanti accent. ‘I wish to acquire your services hunter’ Asteeda nodded. ‘Go on’
‘My name is general Folon of the Republic army. Last month a civilian passenger cruiser carrying my twelve-year-old daughter was attacked by Imperials. My daughter was captured during the attack. The Imps plan to marry her off to an Imperial Grand Moff’ Mako made a disgusted face. ‘Ewww’ ‘Why do they want to do that?’ inquired Asteeda. The Republic officer continued: ‘Her mother is the queen of Beryllia. And by Beryllian law she will be forced to abdicate the moment her daughter marries. And the man she marries will be the next king. That would mean Beryllia would join the Empire!’
‘How is that my problem?’ said Asteeda. ‘I don’t know if you got the newsflash but I’m on the Empires payroll’ The Republic officer lashed out. ‘I don’t care about all that! All I care about is that my daughter is way too young to get married, especially to some dried up old Moff! I’m talking to you as a father here, not as an officer of the Republic!’ ‘Why not just go to one of your Republic buddies?’ inquired Asteeda. ‘Because the wedding will take place on one of the most secure places in the Empire. No way a Republic strike team will be able to penetrate that. But the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt will probably manage to get a spot on the guest list. Look, I will pay you 100.000 credits if you manage to get my daughter back!’ Gault let out a whistle when he heard the amount. Asteeda rubbed his chin. ‘I’ll have to think about this Republican. I’ll get back to you’ ‘Don’t take too long’ said Folon. ‘Every day my daughter is captive is a day too much!’ The hologram disappeared.

Mako broke the silence. ‘We have to do this my love! We can’t leave that poor girl to be married off to some old guy she never met!’ ‘Excuse me?’ grunted Gault. ‘For a second there I had the impression you are more worried about that girl than about the 100.000 credits. Are we bounty hunters or a charity organization? Look 100.000 credits is a very tempting offer but it isn’t smart to bite the hand that feeds. We need to Empire as much as they need us. If we rub the Empire the wrong way, we could lose out on a lot more credits! Not to mention all the bounty hunters they would send after us!’ Torian interjected. ‘Plus, we have to consider the possibility that this is a Republic trap. We are not exactly on their friend list you know’ Mako pouted. ‘This is not the first time we went against the Empire. Remember when you killed Darth Tormen love?’ ‘Tormen had it coming’ said Asteeda. ‘He blackmailed me and threatened my crew, my family. Darth Marr is different. We have an arrangement of mutual respect’ Mako rolled her eyes. ‘Marr is a Sith. We are a tool to him. He will use us if it suits his purpose but he will just as easily discard us if it is more convenient for him’ ‘And that’s why we need to make sure to stay on Marr’s good graces. Which means passing on this job’ said Gault.
Asteeda looked at Blizz. The Jawa shrugged: ‘don’t look at Blizz for advice. Blizz just do what Boss tells Blizz. Boss needs to make plan himself with big brain of Boss’

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05.15.2014 , 02:39 PM | #2
Right sorry for the delay in getting the next part up, Ive been quite busy the last couple of days. I hope you all like it.

Three days later
Asteeda removed his armour and got into bed. Mako turned her head away when he moved his face towards her for a good-night kiss. Asteeda sighed. ‘Are you still mad at me for turning down that Republic job?’ ‘No of course not’ said Mako. ‘I am mad at you for making stupid excuses’
Asteeda looked puzzled. ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘You told everyone we wouldn’t take the job because you don’t want to alienate the Empire. But you and I both know that is just an excuse. Since when do you care anything about the Empire and the Sith?’ Asteeda looked slightly amused now. ‘So what do you think is the real reason then?’ ‘Well it’s obvious’ exclaimed Mako. ‘The job is too difficult for you! But that’s ok. It is a high security complex after all, and you are not the bounty hunter you once were. Maybe it is time for you to pass on the torch to a younger hunter’ Asteeda sat up straight. ‘What?! Are you claiming I’m losing my skills? That is nonsense. I am still the best bounty hunter in the galaxy!!’ Mako looked sheepishly. ‘Well why don’t you prove it then?’ ‘You want proof?! Fine, I’l l give you proof! I’m going to take that damn job and I’ll show you why they call me the best!!!’
Mako immediately pushed a datapad in his face. ‘Great, I’ve been working on this plan. Read it through’ Asteeda realized he had been tricked. ‘You sly vixen. You are going to be the death of me’ he said with a quasi-hurtful face. Mako made a smug smile. ‘That’s why you love me so much’ Asteeda grabbed the datapad. ‘Ok I will take the job. But on one condition’ ‘Which is?’ inquired Mako. ‘You will wear that slave girls bikini I bought on Nar Shaddaa the next time we are alone in the bedroom’ Mako sighed. ‘fine’

The next morning
‘Alright listen up guys’ said Asteeda as the entire crew gathered around the holoprojector. ‘Isn’t that the villa of Grand Moff Tecta?’ said Gault while pointing at the hologram. ‘I thought we had decided to pass on that job?’ ‘Plan’s changed’ said Asteeda. Gault started grinning. ‘I knew it! Pay up Torian’ Torian grumbled and gave the Devaronian a 50 credit chip. ‘That’s the last time I’m betting with you Gault. How did you know he would change his mind?’ Asteeda interrupted the pair. ‘Knock it off you two, we have work to do’
‘Alright here is the plan. Mako has arranged VIP invitations for the wedding for myself, herself, Gault and Torian’ ‘Impressive. How did you pull that off?’ inquired Torian. Mako blushed. ‘It was nothing. I just sliced into the guest list and changed a few names. Piece of cake’ Asteeda continued: ‘I will be going as myself. Like the Republican already suggested, it’s not suspicious if the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt shows up at the wedding. Imps love me after all. Mako will be my armcandy. Love, I want you to look absolutely stunning about there. The majority of the guests will be Imperial officers and I want them focused on you like bees to honey so the rest of us can slip by unnoticed.’ He grinned ‘And I’ll do my best not to kill each and every one of them in the process.’ Mako said sweetly: ‘I don’t have a dress to wear for that’ She held out her hand. Asteeda filled her hand with credits. ‘Lets do some shopping tomorrow’
Asteeda looked at Torian and Gault. ‘Right Torian you will play our bodyguard. And you Gault, you’ll play our manservant.’ He held up a slave collar. ‘wait what?!’ protested Gault. ‘I have to be a slave? I didn’t sign up for that. Why can’t Torian be the slave?’ Torian answered the question. ‘Because you are a Devaronian you knucklehead. For the Empire, all aliens are slaves. If you are not wearing that collar they will probably not even allow you inside.’ ‘Exactly’ said Asteeda. ‘Plus, no one ever pays attention to slaves and servants. As long as you are not doing anything suspicious you should be able to move around freely’ Gault grumbled. ‘fine, give me that thing, I’ll do it’

Asteeda continued the briefing. ‘Once we are in, we need someone to cut the power. Blizz will take care of that.’ He pointed at a small drain hole on the side of the complex. This sewer entrance will lead directly to the power station. It is unguarded because it is way too small to fit a human, but a jawa should be able to crawl into the pipe. The jawa started to chitter excitedly. ‘Yay! Blizz will cut all the powers for boss. Blizz is good powercutter!’ Asteeda continued: ‘Once the lights go out, Mako will create a distraction so Gault can sneak to the security station and erase the video feeds. Meanwhile Torian and me will extract the girl. We will take the girl to the sewer entrance and pass her to Blizz, who will guide her through the same pipe back to the ship. A twelve-year-old should fit in the pipe as well. And by the time the lights come back on the rest of us should be back at the party as if nothing has happened. Blizz started the dance around. ‘yay yay yay! Blizz be making new friend soon! Boss be the best boss ever for Blizz!’
Gault nodded at Skadge. ‘And what do we do with him? He’s way to stupid for anything like this.’ Skadge grumbled. ‘Watch it runt’ ‘You will stay here and guard the ship’ said Asteeda. ‘I don’t want you messing up the plan again like you did last time.’

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05.16.2014 , 12:48 PM | #3
Try spacing between paragraphs. Most of us see wall of text and just leave lol.
RIP Begeren. new beginnings on harbinger

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05.18.2014 , 04:33 PM | #4
Changed the spacing a bit in the first part, hope its an easier read now. Part three is up, enjoy

‘wow, you look absolutely amazing’ said Asteeda when he saw Mako leave the dressing room. Mako did a 360 degrees turn to show off her dress. She was wearing a blue glitter dress with a split on the left side. Sexy yet classy; exactly the look she was aiming for. ‘I am glad you approve’ she said with a smile. ‘Seeing you are paying for it.’
Gault entered the room. ‘Blizz is already on his way to the sewer entrance. We ready to do this?’ He just stopped talking once he spotted Mako and let out an approving whistle. ‘I might have to steal her away from you boss.’ ‘Good luck with that Gault’ said Asteeda. ‘Then I might have to test that slave collar you are wearing right now.’
Gault made an innocent gesture. ‘Just kidding, just kidding. But didn’t you say this thing was a fake?’ Asteeda chuckled. ‘Maybe I lied’

The group departed from the ship and were greeted by an Imperial officer in a lieutenants uniform. ‘State your name and business’ he said with a formal tone. Asteeda stepped forward. ‘Asteeda. You might know me as the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. This is my wife Mako, and my associate Torian. We are here for the wedding. The officer looked at his datapad. ‘Right, go on ahead.’ He didn’t even look at Gault, as expected. To him he was just another filthy slave.

The group entered the complex. ‘Wow, who’s that hottie?’ Gault whistled. ‘You talking about the Sith in the red dress?’ inquired Torian. ‘That’s Darth Arivanya, the Emperor’s wrath. Better keep away from her though, I heard she’s a homicidal psychopath.’ Gault sighed. ‘Not her, of course I know who the Emperors wrath is. No I am talking about the younger girl next to her.’ Torian looked in her direction. ‘Ahh. That would be her apprentice, Jaesa Willsaam. I agree she is indeed a hottie, but beware she is just as crazy as her master.’ ‘She’s got nothing on you Mako’ said Asteeda. ‘Now shut up you two or you’ll blow our cover’

Asteeda walked towards a twilek serving girl and took one of the drinks from her tray. ‘Get me a straw for this will you?’ he said. The girl nodded and scurried away. Ever since he started his bounty hunting career, Asteeda developed the habit to never remove his helmet around other people beside the members of his crew. Anonymity was a great boon in this line of work.

He took a quick look at the other guests and recognized several high ranking Imperials and Sith, most of whom he had completed jobs for in the past. He saw one of them waving his hand at him. ‘Hunter, it’s an honor to meet you. I was just telling Grand Moff Regus here of your assistance in the Foundry campaign.’ Asteeda shook the younger Imperial’s hand. ‘Moff Phennir. A pleasure to meet you too. May I introduce my wife, Mako?’ Phennir kissed her hand. He was clearly enamored by her beauty. And he was not the only one. From the corners of his eyes, he noticed many of the wedding guests were taking an interest in Mako.
Much to the annoyance of Darth Arivanya. It was clear this was the type of woman who loved to be in the center of the spotlight, and it was even more clear she did not like it at all that another woman was getting more attention from the opposite sex that she did, especially not another woman without any Force-sensitivity.
‘This has just gotten a lot more interesting’ thought Asteeda. But his train of thought was interrupted by the chittering in his helmet comlink. ‘boss, boss! Blizz reached the power station now, Blizz ready to cut all the powers when boss say to Blizz boss ready!’ ‘Do it’ said Asteeda. ‘It’s show time.’

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05.21.2014 , 04:10 PM | #5
Part four is up, enjoy!

There were a lot of confused voices when the lights went dark. Asteeda and his team didn’t hear much of it though, as they snuck out the room the moment the darkness fell in.
‘Right, we got work fast, should have about 15 minutes until the backup generators kick in. The girl should be passed over to Blizz by then. Mako keep ‘em busy in the main hall, Gault wipe the security tapes, Torian and me are going after the girl’ ‘I know what I have to do’ said Gault through Asteeda’s helmet comlink. ‘I was at the briefing as well remember?’ ‘Just making sure. Asteeda out’

An annoyed Gault shook his head. ‘I hate it when he does that’ he said to himself. He tried to remember the floor plan Mako showed him after the briefing. ‘Security center should be around here somewhere…bingo!’ He stood in front of a door with a picture of a camera on it. He opened the door and went inside. This room was dark as well. He made his way to the security computer and unscrewed his fake horn. He pulled out a device Mako had given him earlier. ‘right how did this work again?’ he whispered to himself. He could hear Mako’s voice in his mind as he tried to remember what she told him during the briefing. ‘Attach this to the computer and press the red button on the side. This will trigger a mini-EMP that will wipe any data in a 5 foot radius.’
Gault attached the device and pressed the red button. ‘All done’ he said to himself. ‘Now let’s get out of here’

‘You looking for something?’ said a female voice behind him all of a sudden. Gault jumped up and turned around. It was the young Sith he saw at the party earlier. Her pretty face had an eerie red glow from the ignited lightsaber in her hand. Gault began to stutter. ‘Err..I took a wrong turn I think. I tried to hide in the servants quarters when the lights went out. Please don’t kill me mistress.’
Jaesa started to laugh. ‘Ow drop the act. You are not fooling anyone Gault Rennow. You and I both know you are not a slave!’ Gault looked surprised for a second, and then pulled out a small hold-out blaster. He fired two shots at the young Sith, but Jaesa just reflected both of them with her lightsaber. Before he could fire again, the blaster was ripped out of his hand by an invisible force and flew to Jaesa’s hand. ‘Pathetic’ she sneered.

Gault looked around for an escape route. He was genuinely scared now. He felt naked without his weapons. Jaesa sneered again. ‘If I wanted you dead you would have been dead already. And you wouldn’t have heard me coming I assure you’ Gault looked puzzled. ‘What do you want then?’ ‘The same thing as you. To wipe the security feeds. What, you didn’t think it was strange infiltrating this complex was so easy? Your little scheme coincided perfectly with my master’s designs. If it didn’t your little band would have been dead or arrested days ago!’
Jaesa laughed again when she saw Gaults confused face. ‘We were on to you guys from the start’ she elaborated ‘We had a associate of ours spy your little meeting with that Republic fool. Little twilek girl, you remember her?’ Gault cursed. He couldn’t remember much from that night, as he was very drunk at the end, but he did remember waking up next to a twilek girl the morning after.
‘I see that you do’ continued Jaesa. ‘She bugged your entire ship while you and your buddies were sleeping. We know everything’ ‘Well’ tried Gault. ‘Seeing you are not here to kill me, and we are apparently being used as puppets in your master’s grand design, whatever that might be, maybe you can just let me go?’ He took a step towards the door.

Jaesa immediately raised her lightsaber ‘Not so fast. There is still one more thing! You see, that stupid twilek has been talking a lot about you lately’ Gault looked a little surpised. ‘oh?’ ‘Yes, she’s been saying you are the best kisser she ever had. Is there any truth in that?’ Gaults usual smugness suppressed his fear now. ‘of course. I am famous amongst the women on my home planet.’
Jaesa’s eyes twinkled. ‘Is that so? Well, seeing my master is always encouraging me to explore new sensations, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?’ and with a fluent movement of her arm she dropped her robe on the floor, revealing her naked form…

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05.30.2014 , 01:01 PM | #6
Asteeda heard Mako’s voice in his ear. ‘Love, they are getting restless down here. You better hurry up!’ ‘We are going as fast we can’ said Asteeda through his helmet comlink. ‘the door is bolted’
Torian was hitting the door with his techstaff now. ‘Open up!’ he grunted in frustration. Asteeda grabbed the younger Mandalorians arm. ‘Stop it! You want the entire complex to hear us? You need to spend less time with Skadge, you are losing your subtlety’ Torian made an embarrassed look. ‘sorry’
Asteeda kneeled in front of the lock and started fiddling with it. ‘Hmm, Ive seen this type of lock before. Just need to apply a bit of pressure here…and there.’ The door slided open. Torian whistled. ‘Impressive. You gotta teach me how to do that boss’

The two bounty hunters entered the room. Immediately a heavy object was thrown at them. At the other side of the room was a girl, cowering behind a bed. ‘Stay back!’ she cried. ‘Keep away from me you monsters!’ Asteeda took a step towards the girl, who immediately recoiled and started crying even harder.
‘We are not here to hurt you’ he tried. There was no reaction. Asteeda wished Mako was with him. Surely she would know how to handle this. She has always been good with children. Asteeda just knew she would make a good mother someday. ‘We don’t have time for this boss’ said Torian. ‘Want me to knock her out?’ Asteeda turned around ‘We are not knocking anyone out! Man, you really are spending too much time with Skadge. Let me do it my way.’

He kneeled down next to the girl and removed his helmet. He signaled Torian to do the same. ‘See?’ he said. ‘We are not monsters. We are humans just like you. What is your name?’ The girl looked him in the eye now. ‘My mother says I should not talk to strangers’ ‘And that’s good advice’ said Asteeda. ‘But Im Asteeda, and that’s Torian. Now you know our names, and we are not strangers anymore. The girl looked at him again. ‘I am Sanna’ she said.
‘Wow that’s a nice name’ said Asteeda. ‘Well Sanna we have been send by your father to rescue you from the bad men that brought you here. You want to get away from this place right?’ Sanna nodded. Asteeda continued. ‘Then you have to trust us. We don’t have that much time.’ He reached out his hand. The girl hesitated for a few seconds and then grabbed his hand.

Asteeda pulled her up and they ran out of the room.’ I hear people coming up the stairs boss’ said Torian. ‘We can’t go back that way’ ‘Split up’ said Asteeda. ‘double back and rendezvous with Mako in the main hall. Lights should come back up any minute now!’ ‘What about you?’ said Torian. ‘Im going to make my own doorway.’ Before Torian could say anything he jumped out of a window, still holding Sanna clutched to his chest. ‘We are on the fourth floor!’ he heard Torian shouting.
But of course Asteeda had ignited his jetpack before he could hit the floor, and he landed safely in the garden. ‘That was cool!’ said Sanna. ‘I wanna go again!’ ‘Maybe later kid’ said Asteeda.
He sprinted towards the drain hole, where Blizz was already waiting. The Jawa chittered excitedly. ‘Boss boss! Blizz so happy to see boss!’’ Im happy to see you too Blizz.’ He put Sanna down ‘Can you take her back to the ship? I have to get back to the party before I’m missed’
Blizz took Sanna by her hand. ‘Hihi! Me Blizz. Girl be friend of Blizz? Follow Blizz!’