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Advice on changing Crew Skills at level 21

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Advice on changing Crew Skills at level 21

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12.25.2011 , 12:01 AM | #1
Been playing the game since about 4 days before launch, and enjoying the heck out of it. My first toon is a Jedi Sentinel, and I originally took Artifice, Archaeology and Treasure Hunting. At first, credits seemed to come slow, especially with the cost of the crew skill missions. I had read that slicing was a good credit-maker, so dropped Treasure Hunting early on as it was my lowest skill, and took Slicing.

The idea was to bank enough credits so that I could dump it and take Treasure Hunting back, so that I had the three "optimium" professions for a Jedi Sentinel (Artifice is supposed to be the skill that a jedi knight should have for creating light sabers, etc).

Anyway, my Slicing is now around 280, and my Artifice is at 100, and Archaeology is around 90. I have quite a few credits, and now, after reading some of the threads here, I wonder if I should even bother with my original plan to dump slicing and re-take Treasure Hunting. I really don't want all that "work" to go to waste....

Thoughts? Wise advice? Should I just keep Slicing and start buying gems? Take something completely different for my other profs?


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12.25.2011 , 02:50 AM | #2
Actually, what I've been considering instead is to drop my gathering prof for the mission prof. Ie. in your case drop Archaeology and get Treasure Hunting. You can sell any blue mats you don't need while leveling up, since blue mats actually sell on the GTN, and buy any green mats you need, since they are cheap as dirt on the GTN. At max level, same thing applies. You farm the rare mats and finance the common green mats with slicing and excess rare mat sales.
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12.25.2011 , 12:18 PM | #3
That is a good idea. My Slicing is now over 300....and with two companions out running it, it does seem to level Treasure Hunting would go quick too. Do you have Artifice?