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<Holocron of the Fallen> (Empire) Now Recruiting!

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<Holocron of the Fallen> (Empire) Now Recruiting!

Rugu's Avatar

05.06.2014 , 09:46 AM | #1
At a glance:
Guild Name: Holocron of the Fallen
Faction: Empire
Guild Type: RP
Guild Master: Vanvoth (alts: Vexphoth, Aldralland)
Officer: Elth
Recruitment Status: Recruiting
Guild Website: Holocron of the Fallen

IC Background:
3247 years BTC (Before the Treaty of Coruscant) a Dark Jedi by the name of Sorzus Syn lived. Syn, along with other followers of the Dark Side (among them Ajunta Pall), was exiled from the Jedi Order ¬– an event known as the Second Great Schism. After a long war with the Jedi Order, these Dark Jedi fled into the unknown and eventually settled on the planet Korriban, where they enslaved the native Sith. The Sith proved proficient in the Force, and so the intermingling of the Sith natives and Dark Jedi eventually gave rise to the title Sith Lord. The Sith had for millennia practiced Sith Magic (an expression of the Force), as well as Sith Alchemy (the art of using the Force to permanently alter a living being). Sorzus Syn and her fellow Dark Jedi manipulated and incorporated both of these arts to form a ritualistic society on Korriban dominated by Force-sensitives. It is around this time that Syn was speculated to have authored the Sith Code.

Yet unbeknownst to the annals of history, Syn had a secret. Once thought lost, Syn’s primal teachings on the Dark Side, which encompassed Alchemical and Magic rituals through Force-expression, was stored in a holocron. The holocron, known by some as the Holocron of the Fallen, was recently unearthed on a distant planet by a young Sith named Vanvoth Anselm. Little is known, but it is said that Vanvoth has started gathering those who would learn from Syn’s teachings in the pursuit of greatness. Such a call, dark in nature, would be perilous to answer.

OOC Background:
We’re a small new guild on The Progenitor (EU) server. We cater to all races and classes (we have no prejudice against alien Sith). Sith in the guild are devoted to unlocking the secrets of the Holocron – which is tightly controlled by the Holocron’s Gatekeeper (the entity responsible for sharing a holocron’s secrets). Bounty Hunters and Agents belong to the guild’s security force, Division X – and are responsible for guild security and counter-intelligence (we’re planning on having many IC enemies!). Bounty Hunters and Agents attend all RP meetings, so they are not excluded. Our guild chat is OOC (out of character).

Our aim is to provide a great SWTOR experience to our members (whether it’s RP or social). We ARE NOT a PvE or PvP guild, although a couple of us plan to do the random Warzone, Flashpoint and Galactic dogfight. In short, we want to be the warm, fuzzy home feeling in SWTOR for all our members.

If <Holocron of the Fallen> sounds like a good fit for you, contact the Guild Master (Vanvoth) or Officer (Elth) ingame for a chat and an invite. Alternatively you can leave a reply on this thread with your character name and we will get in touch ingame as soon as possible.

Hope to be RPing with you soon!

SirKerensky's Avatar

05.28.2014 , 03:41 PM | #2
Hey there, you guys sound cool.
I currently have a PvE guild and don't exactly plan on leaving it,
but I'm starting to try some RP and would love to meet you!
I'm currently mostly on Judo but my two mains are Yleska and Eanna.
Hope to see you ingame soon!