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Know anyone who has a Shadow Hand's Command Throne?

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Know anyone who has a Shadow Hand's Command Throne?

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05.27.2014 , 03:02 AM | #1
I've never really bothered with starting a thread, despite being a founder and all, (I just tend to play fairly casually)
But ever since the command throne mounts where added to the game I've wanted one for my Sorcerer main, but I always miss the opportunity to get one whenever the rare occasion someone puts a shadow hand's on the GTM. It seems the other two thrones are the most "common" ones, but I really want the SH version, as gold, red and black are the "prime" colours of my dear inquisitor

As there is no trading sub-forum, (for some odd reason, and I have no idea where a post like this "belong) I'll try and post this question/request both here, on my server's sub-forum and over at the community forum: If you have a Shadow Hand's Command Throne, or know anyone who does etc, could you contact me (preferably via in-mail but if that is not an option for you a response here is fine too) and offer a price, directions or something? My main is named Vaermina, but if you're Republic, you can also mail my "semi-main" for that faction, the smuggler Sabaar. Both are on "The Progenitor" RP server. Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon