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(((((((******PETITION: IMP/PUB))))): Remove comms from 16 man story mode

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(((((((******PETITION: IMP/PUB))))): Remove comms from 16 man story mode

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05.17.2014 , 11:22 PM | #11
16 man ops groups form ALL THE TIME on the Red Eclipse, and are successful many time (because of overhearing and a few knowledgeable leaders)... My suggestion would echo others I have read - increase comm rewards for 8 man ops to make them more attractive. And OP... Relax dude.
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05.17.2014 , 11:44 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Qvasar View Post
Can't tell if serious...
I know, right?!

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05.18.2014 , 01:20 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by DrGun View Post
16 man ops groups form ALL THE TIME on the Red Eclipse, and are successful many time
This is true, I play on The Red Eclipse and whenever I pug a sm ops, it's always a 16man one. On guild it depends on how many people are online...
But there really is no difficulty to get a 16man group if you ask at the right time and have a little patience.

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05.18.2014 , 10:42 PM | #14
Not sure you are trolling or not but I'll pretend you aren't...

"Comms are op in 16 man." Who cares comms only get you comm gear. Anybody can derp their way to a full set of comm gear. if anything they need to increase the comm cap it's way too low as it currently is and most are completely worthless to any seasoned 55.

"8 is a smaller group and causes better communication between the group!" 8 is indeed smaller than 16 no objection to that. Most 16m pugs are only 8 people that know what they are doing carrying 8 that are completely clueless and dying in the aoe that they seemingly gravitate towards, making no attempt to pop cooldowns or get out of it. I go into sm pugs knowing that and am still not concerned about communication breakdowns because they are so easy.

"You get hardcore lag when you do 16 mans" I'm all good maybe you just have a bad connection or rig.

"The groupfinder links to 8 man anyway!" currently

"Its so much easier to find replacements for an 8 man and no one wants to do an 8 man because theres just no comms." 16m gives bigger rewards in every aspect so why would I do 8m? Plus it's much easy to carry a couple bad players in 16 than it is in 8 and it takes too long to explain everything they decided they could have you explain to them instead of just popping on Dulfy quickly to see what's up. A bad 16m will still generally move quicker than an ok 8m in my experience, and a knowledgeable 16m can fly through it.

"Comms are just useless, I mean I could use more credits... or something like that." Agreed, I'm comm maxed on most alts and all of the companions I care to have geared and even some I don't are in at least oriconian. I would much prefer creds but I have a feeling that would have an adverse impact on the "economy", which is why they are probably reluctant to do it. I would buy MMG's with elites but there is no way I'm gonna give them 20 EEE's also. I could sell the 20 EEE's buy an MMG and still have creds to blow so it's dumb.

"Forming 16 mans is so hard! You can never even dream to get those comms." Not really, I think it's harder to form an 8m unless you are past weekly and queueing for comms.

"8 man is harder and you have a much more intimate relationship with the people that you are raiding with." 8m is harder and I know they push 16 because they want to push inclusiveness(plus it puts more money in their pockets ultimately) but I still think they should either nerf 8m or give better rewards for it. I'm not joining pugs for intimacy, do your job, stay on your assignment and get us in and out as quickly as possible...I don't need your life story and a list of hopes and dreams in a sm pug.

PUG's are the whores of SWTOR, sometimes you just don't have the time, money or patience for a classy one so you take a risk on the one in front of the Dollar General and hope for the best, but you shouldn't be surprised when you end up with a burner every now and then since you cut corners, once in awhile you find a deal and it is sweet. If you want "intimacy" you shouldn't be whoring PUG's you should be running 8m sm's with your guild or group of friends. The guild is your wife, that's your intimacy, but sometimes there are things she can't or won't do and that's when you need a dirty dirty whore/PUG. I don't see the problem with the comms though. I do think that bolster is going to make the pugs ridiculously bad though, but at least everybody will be adequately geared, now if they would just take the time to learn their class, how to work in a group(even if it is a disposable whore), and do the slightest of research on the op before joining it instead of just feeling some undeserved sense of entitlement for hitting the level requirement that allows them to take part in it.

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05.19.2014 , 01:55 AM | #15
^ Haha, well said! Great analogy lol.

The bolster in GF isn't a bad starting place. It will be good for really new people to not only get gear but meet other people in their skill level/progression bracket. I mean ya, am i happy gearing now is way easier than it was for me when "i grew up"? No. But life moves on and Bioware's direction is on end game content so it makes sense for them to have their player base playing their new content. just kinda makes the rest of us vets feel a little underprivileged is all lol.
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05.19.2014 , 03:19 AM | #16

is what i thought of when i read this thread