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Ninjas in flashpoints - Can be fixed easily

feketebirka's Avatar

11.16.2013 , 02:46 PM | #31
I think the need-greed system is basically for improving your mmo-social-communication skills. You dont like what I need? Tell me. You want to need something that you shouldnt? You need to use the chat. It is a very good exercise to improve communications, so stubborn, selfish and ignorant people get filtered out to the ignored list by the time they come to operations. I always ask me on sm fps: do i want to go with this guy to ops? add to friends list! never want to see him again? ignore list! Imho filling up those lists is one of the main purposes in sm fps.

So, why dont i need on gear with an enchantment i could use? Bcos (1) then i could practically need on _almost_anything_ making need/greed useless and (2) others will not be able to see if my need is rightful (nobody will thoroughly inspect your gear wrt enchantments). So not needing on these stuff will make others _trust_ in me, and maybe they will enjoy fp/operating with me next time.

There is yet another aspect to this game which complicates things more: tank divas and emo healers.

If i am with tank/healer toon OR (me and ninja are both dps), then:
1. If gruppie needed on stuff not mine nor his (regarding main stat) , i will make a friendly reminder not to ninja, and vote kick/ignore on second act
2. If the loot is mine and not his, needs and wins, I will demand the loot, and vote kick/ignore/quit group(if kick fails) if he doesnt give it up. If he gives it up, it is back to friendly reminder.

Now for DPS, it is clearly unfavourable to put any tank/healer on ignore, so as dps I just make the friendly reminder, then ask friendly, if he won mine. Some tanks and healers are major donkey-holes in this game, so I use ignore on them as a last resort.

So someone asked about mara/sent needing jugg/guard stuff and vice versa. Both may have a right to need other's stuff to some extent ... but ... if there is at least one jugg in the group, it is the safest for the mara to greed.
If there are zero juggs/guards in the group, it is totally OK to need, but the best is to _ask_ beforehand. "can i need on this strength armor?" - sure, yes! just ask before needing )

Zadtro's Avatar

05.18.2014 , 05:41 PM | #32
Exactly ask before needing =] If it isn't your main stat and i don't need it i am like yeah sure if you can use them mods i am all for it.