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Sith inquisitor most powerful being in Swtor?

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Sith inquisitor most powerful being in Swtor?

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04.18.2014 , 12:42 PM | #111
I doubt anyone will thank me for digging this up but whatever. (also sorry for long post =/)

Something I think a lot of people forget is that prior to the beginning of the game, the Inquisitor had little to no training in the force or lightsaber combat or whatever (the only 'canon information' we have in regards to the inquisitor's life before is a dialogue with Andronikos, his 2nd or 3rd one maybe. And even then it's a rather throwaway comment that can be completely skipped if one chooses different options). This can be subject to the player's personal headcanon of course.

It can be reasonably assumed that the Warrior, Knight, and Consular have all been trained since they were fairly young (at least 4 in the Consular's case (and Master Yuon said that they were more powerful at 4 than she was at 15 if anyone wants to know)).

On Corellia, Darth Decimus (one of the three Councillors who control the Imperial Military, in this case, the Sphere of Military Strategy) does say a line about the Inquisitor being the most powerful sith in generations rising from slavery though you could claim he might be overstating it and/or trying to remain on the Inquisitor's good side (for whatever reason).

If I remember correctly, during the fight with Thanaton, he says something along the lines of 'you never needed the ghosts anyway, you were just stacking the deck' which is a little confusing to be completely honest but seems to indicate that the Inquis was already pretty powerful.

In regards to what the presence of the Force ghosts actually do, in one of the intercom dialogues (i think it might be at the end of Chapter 2, before going after Thanaton but I could be wrong), Andronikos makes a comment about the ghosts and 'throwing them at thanaton' or something and you can answer that they are just raw power. They also prevent the Inquisitor from dying but it is uncertain to what extent.
The only time we see the Inquisitor actually die is when Thanaton kills him at the start of Chapter 2, and that appeared to be a ritual of some sort. This could mean that the Inquisitor could easily die if they suffered grievous enough physical wounds (although I imagine they'd be more resillient to them, depending on what they were or course. A stab wound? Maybe. A beheading? Not so much).

That ended up a lot longer than I thought it would.

Anyway, my take on the four Force using classes (using my personal characters and headcanons) in terms of force power is:

Inquisitor (sorcerer - heal spec, though that's mostly game mechanics and hardly stops him from dealing a lot of damage) - Consular (shadow - tank spec, would focus on defense but he wouldn't have the game's limitations (eg: combat technique's penalty to melee damage)) - then either Warrior (marauder) or Knight (guardian - tank spec).

I haven't played enough of the Knight storyline to have a feel for her yet so for now she's tied with my Warrior. In terms of pure melee ability:

Warrior or Knight - Consular (closely following) - Inquisitor (not nearly so closely following, would definitely be taken out first in a purely melee fight).

Between my Warrior and Knight I imagine it would come down to who tires first. The marauder focuses on quick deadly strikes while the tank guardian would be slower but better at defense.

All in all, I wouldn't really call the Inquisitor the most powerful being in SWTOR, but I'd say he's the most powerful out of the four Force Using classes.

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04.18.2014 , 02:55 PM | #112
*shrug* IMO the Jedi Knight is the most powerful, considering he defeated the Sith Emperor. We don't yet know for sure that it was the Sith Emperor or a Voice but the fact remains that, even in a weakened state, he is extremely powerful and likely more powerful than Nox. That and he's defeated many a DC member.

I suppose one could nominate the Sith Warrior, but I'm not sure.

I'd say the Sith Warrior is likely more powerful than Nox however, considering she defeated the Voice of the Emperor and in order to hold authority over the Dark Council and act as the Emperor's Wrath she should be stronger than them.

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04.18.2014 , 04:03 PM | #113
Here's the biggest problem with the whole warrior/knight are strongest because they beat the emperor-the inquisitor and the consular never fought the emperor. You are using the fight with the emperor as the control, and using the fights as variables to determine power. But we haven't ever seen the inquisitor or consular fight the emperor, so that duel really has no place in a debate about power.

Here is what we do know:

Knight-Painfully overrated in their level of power. The knight wasn't a pushover in the force, but the people debating this point seem to have failed to differentiate between strength and skill. The Knight was skilled, amazingly so, but not necessarily strong. He lost to the emperor at full strength, and was only able to beat him when he was weakened by Baras. The emperor at full strength would beat any of the player characters.

Warrior-The emperors chosen executioner. once again, the concepts of power and skill have bled together. The emperor wasn't looking for someone with pure raw power, but someone able to use it well. It's the sharp dagger or dull sword concept(would you rather have a dull long-sword or a sharp dagger?) the knight and warrior are sharp daggers. they have less power but they wield it masterfully. The fight between voice/sel-makor is, once again, not
only the doing of the warrior. Sel-makor was undoubtedly powerful, and mixed with the voice he would be extremely strong, but the emperor was surely fighting back as well, holding some of his power back long enough for the wrath to strike. This combined with the fact that the warrior would never have beaten Baras without freeing the entity, shows the warrior has more combat smarts which is a requirement for assassins (because, lets face it, the wrath is a glorified assassin) but less power, not necessarily what the wrath needs the most of.

Consular-A prodigy, the consular has great power with the force. He, like the inquisitor, never got the chance to test himself against the emperor himself, but he did face down the emperors most powerful servant and emerge victorious. One could argue that the knight owes his victory to the consular working behind the scenes weakening the emperor little by little decommissioning his "children". I would argue that the consular is the most powerful lightside wielder of this time.

And lastly, the subject of debate, the Inquisitor-The inquisitor is a schemer by nature, working with his master to plot the death of a powerful darth at an extremely early stage of his training. However, he did use his targets cybernetics against him, and so it could be argued that this confrontation really wasn't an adequate test of power. However, the inquisitor was awash with the blood of powerful jedi and sith by the time he took his seat on the dark council. His very body had been rebuilt to contain immense power, and according to lady thul, his time on alderaan made house organa beg for a temporary cease fire. The ghosts the inquisitor absorbed were powerful wielders of the dark side, after all, ergast has a monument in kaas city! Add the fact that as long as he has the ghosts, he is pretty much unkillable, he is probably the most powerful. I do believe, however, the inquisitor lacked skill. nothing s/he did was ever elegant. They didn't defeat thanaton, they violently obliterated him.

All in all, I believe that the inquisitor has the most power at his disposal, but it isn't his power. S/he stole or added to themselves everything that makes them so powerful, and in terms of raw power they are clearly top contender. However, in terms of natural power, i think consular takes the cake.

But when it comes down to it, all this means nothing, as any can find a reason to make their favorite character the most powerful, but just because one did fight the emperor, doesn't make them stronger than one who didn't, and it seems that no one gets this.

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05.13.2014 , 01:52 PM | #114
Having played through both the Inquisitor and Consular storylines to the end, Sith Warrior ALMOST to the end (but had it spoiled, I know how it ends), and played through about half the knight story (knowing the ending there too)... I feel I have a pretty good grasp on things.

My impression is that the Consular is the most powerful among them, with the Inquisitor short behind, and the knight/warrior a little ways behind the inquisitor, and likely "about" even in power.

In the stories, the Consular seemed to constantly surprise people, and did stuff that surprised even me, often with relative ease. The Inquisitor is acknowledged as being very strong, but he is often underestimated by his peers - this is less of a factor for the Consular. With that in mind, the Inquisitor may have surprised some of the folks underestimating him, but he never really surprised -me-. I completed the Inquisitor story first, and had that as comparison material while playing the Consular storyline, and even seeing what the Inquisitor could do, the Consular -still- surprised me at times.

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05.14.2014 , 04:17 AM | #115
I for one don't actually care too much about playing the strongest or most powerful force being ever. I think it is the constant state of things in the EU, creating the next most powerful Jedi/sith. Besides if you played as such a being it would get boring and having companions or having to group up would be pointless.

I find it more interesting to have characters, who while gifted, rise by will and tenacity against the odds.

That being said I wonder how much time has elapsed on the game world. A lot of our characters have become strong very quickly. Who is to say they still don't have much potential to grow. The inquisitor for example has just got out from under the yolk of others and has taken a place on the council. I wouldn't expect him to be evenly matched against all those who have held the position for longer and thrived. Granted council membership has been spoken of as being quite short however. Who knows what others have done while our characters where out running around.
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05.14.2014 , 06:38 AM | #116
I think Jedi Knight is the most powerful followed closely by Sith Warrior.
When I think my Sage, well I think she would drop on direct battle quite fast, her strength is elsewhere than fighting skills. Inq feels less powerful version on Warrior

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05.15.2014 , 05:14 PM | #117
Well if you follow the storyline on Oricon the Dread Masters also point out how powerful the inquisitor is.
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05.18.2014 , 01:09 AM | #118
I personally believe the strongest is between the knight and the warrior. the simple fact (which someone touched upon earlier) is that they rely on their own power and skill. there was never an opponent (atleast that I can recall) that they encountered and couldn't beat. the inquisitor got beat by thanaton the first time and the 2nd time didn't even finish him off. which reminds me....the warrior actually kills 2 council members during his story (baras and vengean) while the inquisitor technically doesn't even kill 1 (tho he did beat him) not only that but for the better part of the story the inquisitor was only made powerful due to the spirits he bound to him. he relied on their power as his own. now assuming he was the strongest while he had the spirits bound then for all ppl who released them at the end of their story he would have weakened considerably. therefore I doubt he could be canonically stronger than the JK/SW to begin with. while he is powerful his strength relies on artifacts, ghosts, etc while the JK/SW relied on natural talent and skill.
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12.30.2014 , 09:36 AM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Karkais View Post
Where exactly is this stated?
"From slavery rises the most powerful Sith in generations. Darth Thanaton is right to fear you." ―Darth Decimus to Darth Nox(Corellia)
If anything.
And obviously, most powerful playercharacter - Inq. Forcewalking is unfair, but life is unfair so it's fine. Which character is most powerful "alone"? That's a hard one, and I'll admit to having no clue. But it's not relevant. Because one sith "cheated" and called upon spirits to strenghten him(or her, if you'd like).

And over to Thanaton; He wasn't "strong enough" when he was sent to fight one of the Emperor's OWN apprentices. How can anyone use that against him?
He was a young apprentice. The other was a former tool of the Emperor, who obviously is a better teacher than some random heretic. He's still powerful, but obviously he was way too easy to defeat for Nox as Nox made him crawl around like a slave.

And that Nox was killed on Dromund Kaas, he ressurected. This was with two spirits, now he has four. And it's not relevant that he couldn't control so much power, he had gained it in less than a year. Darth Nihilius could devour planets, and his own body died rapidily because of this. When you gain power like this, then it's side effects.
Hence, Nox would defeat anyone in the SWTOR universe. Maybe not the Emperor(since who knows what he has up his sleeves?) but all others. It's also worth noticing that nobody knows how much power Nox really has. Only Khem. Of course, Nox would need to murder his crew (Xalek is safe) to keep his secret hidden. Including Ashara, no one must know of his secret.
Then he should, obviously, find more spirits. Bind them, then remake himself again and again, cleanse his mind again and again. Until there is no ghosts left to bind.
Of course, the real Nox isn't as intelligent as me and he's probably sharing his information, keeping the threats(his servants) and going toward ruing. And probably power-playing when he should be gathering spirits. Light side,, dark side, anything that could be bound should be used.

Then Nox would remake the Empire in his image.
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12.30.2014 , 12:13 PM | #120
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyKulvax View Post
Actually we know as a matter of fact from Annihilation that Nox is the weakest member of the Dark Council, just thought you should know that, canon>your opinion.
ERM, that refers to his powerbase not individual power. You should know that the SI is invincible- he can't die with the ghosts inside. He is also powerful in his own right.

In terms of powerbase, shan doesn't know about his FLEET of superweapons nor his secretive cults so yah. . . .