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lvl 50 HM FP Question

The-Uncreative's Avatar

05.16.2014 , 05:04 AM | #1
my question is:

As a lvl 55 (Healer) can I Que for lvl 50 HM FP? or is that improper / impolite?

or should I make a new character and que for those FP at lvl 50 - 54?

I'm asking mainly because when my character was lvl 50 (before lvl cap increase) I was too hesitant to try HM FP's and now I'm curious
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grrrly's Avatar

05.16.2014 , 08:53 AM | #2
There's nothing stopping you from doing this, and I have certainly done it quite a few times to get my flashpoint achievements done. Just be mindful of threat issues, it can be very easy to rip threat off a level 50 tank if you have twice as much health as he does.

wainot-keel's Avatar

05.16.2014 , 10:19 AM | #3
Nothing wrong with queuing a 55 for 50 hms.

Plenty of people do it. Not only for the achievements but also because the daily grants basic comms, which can be used to buy rare materials.

Still, for the "lowbies" a 55 could be a problem, since obviously that player is not there for the experience, simply to get the comms as fast as posible.
When I run a 50 fp while I'm 50-54 I tend to do the bonus and stuff, no boss skipping, so I've declined some group matches because I saw one or two 55s

EranofArcadia's Avatar

05.16.2014 , 12:04 PM | #4
I have a 55 who has done a few 50 HMs, mostly as part of various quest lines (Ilum and HK and so forth, and because I never did them while leveling). I am willing to take a few extra minutes to help out everyone else I guess.