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<Chaos Battalion> is recruiting for their NiM progression team

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<Chaos Battalion> is recruiting for their NiM progression team

karrdejade's Avatar

04.24.2014 , 04:05 PM | #1
Fellow Progenitors!

<Chaos Battalion> is recruiting for our established NiM progression team. Due to inactivity we need additional muscle to bolster our ranks.

Therefore we are open to applications from all classes and roles, please consider the following requirements though.

DPS: You must be able to pull at least (absolute lower limit) 3k DPS on an Operation Dummy (1 million HP, armor debuff allowed).

Tank and Healer: You must be geared in full rating 180 gear (set bonus preferred but not strictly necessary). Your gear must also be fully augmented appropriatly. If you have lower rating on a few items/mods for stat weight or set bonus reasons there can be exceptions, also we are able to craft all mainhands in the guild.

Furthermore you must be familiar with Dread Fortress HM tactics (at least up to Brontes) and have at least rudimentary knowledge of additional NiM tactics (e.g. from a guide).

If you fulfill these requirements and are interested to join our NiM team as an Applicant, please hop over to our Homepage to see our NiM raiding rules and sign up there.

Looking forward to seeing you put the fear into the Dread Masters,
Thehand - Chaos Battalion Officer

PD: While we are not actively recruiting for our HM team anymore, there is still the option to join for that and be considered for the NiM team at a later time...

karrdejade's Avatar

05.13.2014 , 03:40 PM | #2
After recent events, we're no longer taking NiM Applicants for Healer positions.
Tank and DPS spots are still open for applications.

Thank you for all the replies and interest

Thehand - Chaos Battalion officer