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Lord Shadowlight's Resolve

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Lord Shadowlight's Resolve

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12.25.2011 , 09:48 AM | #1
Darkness fills the heart and mind of Lord Shadowlight as he contemplates the breathtaking vista before him, unmoved by the marvels of engineering that maintain Nar Shadda. He is conflicted, torn, distraught one may even say. To disturb the solitude of this particular lord now would be a devastatingly deadly mistake for even his closest allies. The others are away on separate errands across the planet to ensure their mission will be a success. Thoughts of them are the source of this unending doubt. He cares for them all, to varying degrees. He cannot help but imagine a life without the rigor of dicipline that his Empire requires, without the pressure of delivering death to all who would see the Empire crumble.

This moment shall define him for the rest of his existance. Time seems to freeze as Republic special forces surround him, weapons at the ready. He sighs, releasing all doubt with the breath from his lungs. He should not have expected anything less. Long ago the commitment was made, he had known at the time what it would require. How foolish to think there might be a more tempered path.

He turns, and in the blink of an eye all eight of his assailants fall prey to his legendary speed. Seven of them are missing multiple limbs. He begins to walk away, but halts beside the trooper he had struck third. It seemed, as he had leaped over him in his zerg rush, that he had not cut deeply enough into the trooper's chest. The man still lived, though he was minus his right arm. Lord Shadowlight sighs again, and clenches his fist. An audibly resounding crack is heard as he snaps the trooper's spine.

Lord Shadowlight looks up to find Jaesa and Vette standing at the edge of the slaughter. Vette looking away, towards where the ship was docked. Jaesa simply stared at the carnage, an expression of mystified wonder on her face. Walking over to Vette, the Sith Lord lays a hand on her shoulder as if to reassure her. She gives him a look that pleads him to justify his actions. He simply nods before moving on, signaling Jaesa to follow as he heads towards their speeders parked nearby..............

To be continued............