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Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

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Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

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04.28.2014 , 12:30 PM | #261
new entries added in game:
pvp -
Quesh Huttball Pit: Used Magnetic Grapple

lore -
Invasion of Tython (Empire)
The Jedi Temple on Tython (Empire)
Republic Occupation of Korriban (Empire)
Taking the Sith Academy (Republic)
The Empire on Tython (Republic)
Korriban's Dark Draw (Republic)

persones of note -
Darth Arkous (Empire)
Lana Beniko (Empire)
Colonel Darok (Republic)
Theron Shan (Republic)

titles -
Conquerer of the Dread Fortress,,,,, [DF with Nim power]
Gate Crasher,,,,, [DF timed run]
Deposer of the Dread Masters,,,,, [DP with Nim power]
Dread Master,,,,, [DP timed run]
Hotshot,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Galactic Warden,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Gatekeeper,,,,, [Cartel pack]

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05.10.2014 , 08:24 PM | #262
Hi Codex Hunters.
The MAY version of my Codex Tracking spreadsheet has been updated at There is a link on the front page to download the xls.

I have added 41 new entries, and cross-indexed my data with the excellent work from to add 75 titles. I also made other corrections.

This is completely blank sheet. table, none of my data to mess you up. Just put in a "X" for the ones you have.

All the weird missing entries are pre-sorted on the top of the table. But you can re-sort to meet your needs.

Good Hunting.

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06.28.2014 , 07:56 AM | #263
Hello Fellow Codex Hunters!!

The fine folks over at “Escape Pod Cast” reviewed the Macrobinoculars quest series in their recent episode #43. Near the end they talk about the special 1-time quest titled “Corporate Communications” which takes place on the planet CZ-198. This got me to thinking…did I have the codex for CZ-198? And what kind of codex is it…. A planet codex or a location codex? Most planet codices are claimed solely by having just arrived on the planet… but I did not have one for CZ-198 so this was not the trigger for capture.

The information at was very helpful (thank you to Darth_Wicked) and revealed that the accessibility for the CZ-198 codex has only been available in the last 3 months (April 2014). It turns out that the codex is a “Location” type and not a “Planet”.

To collect the codex you need to use your Macrobinoculars to scan the connecting bridge between two “twin tower” buildings on the south side of the main landing platform. You need to stand in just the right location. For the Republic try coordinates -547,40, and for the Empire try 36,36. I had to scan multiple times before my macrobinoculars would activate and register the scan.

As a side note, has two excellent guides; one for the Macrobinoclulars quests, and the other for the Corporate Communications quest.

Good Hunting!

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07.14.2014 , 07:25 AM | #264
Quote: Originally Posted by WolfpackAW View Post
I noticed there is a thread for bugged or missing codex entries for Empire players, but I have not found one for Republic players, so here's my attempt at it. I am a Jedi Consular (this is important to the list below), and I have completed all the planets up through Ilum, and here's my list of bugged or missing codex entries for Republic players. I will attempt to keep this list updated with information as it comes in, so please contribute!

Not Associated with a Planet
Combat Ratings - Game Rules
Item Modification - Game Rules (bugged for Troopers)
UPDATE: This entry no longer bugged.
Ilum - Captured the Zone - Achievements: PvP
Denova Novare Coast - Interrupted a Capture Attempt - Achievements: PvP
Hoth - Devaronian - Species
UPDATE: As of 7/23/2013, this entry is now obtainable by killing the Cruel White Maw Marauder, found at many locations in the Starship Graveyard on Hoth. Note, this entry is NOT counted in the Hoth species list.

Tython - Terentatek - Bestiary
Tython - Jedi Weapons - Lore (bugged for Jedi Knights)
Tython - Satele Shan - Persons of Note (bugged for Jedi Consulars)

Ord Mantell - Kel Dor - Species
Ord Mantell - Mon Calamari - Species
Ord Mantell - Cathar - Species
Ord Mantell - Split by Rebellion - Lore
Ord Mantell - Ruled by Corruption - Lore
Ord Mantell - Underworld Influences - Lore
Ord Mantell - Separatist Movement - Organizations (currently only obtainable during the Trooper/Smuggler quest 'Unsafe Safe Houses’, unobtainable for Jedi Knight/Consular)

Coruscant - Sullustan - Species
Coruscant - Darth Angral - Persons of Note (bugged for Jedi Knights)

Taris - Cathar Settlers - Organizations
Taris - Mandalorian Bane - Titles

Nar Shaddaa - Shadow Hunter - Titles
Nar Shaddaa - Scourge of the Underworld - Titles
Nar Shaddaa - Gen'Dai - Species
Nar Shaddaa - Gundark - Bestiary
Nar Shaddaa - Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa - Lore
UPDATE: This entry now findable in Shadow Town at 2458, 3159, -1552 (in the middle of a pile of junk next to a wall)

Tatooine - Sand Demon - Bestiary
(UPDATE: As of 3/3/2012, I can confirm this entry IS obtainable by joining a Jedi Knight on the appropriate class quest, titled "Into the Sand Demon's Lair")
Tatooine - SIS Operative - Titles
Tatooine - History of Tatooine - Lore
Tatooine - Sand Rot - Lore (Jedi Consular only)

Alderaan - Killik - Species
UPDATE: As of 7/10/2013, this entry is now obtainable. Kill a Killik (love the alliteration).
Alderaan - Paladin of House Organa - Titles
UPDATE: As of 7/10/2013 (actually sometime before this date), this title is now obtainable, both the on-toon title, and the codex entry.
Alderaan - The Elysium - Locations
UPDATE: As of 7/10/2013, this entry has been removed for Republic players.
Alderaan - Bouris Ulgo - Persons of Note
UPDATE: As of 7/23/2013, this entry is obtainable, and has been granted retroactively.

Balmorra - Hero of Gorinth Canyon - Titles
UPDATE: No longer bugged, complete Heroic 4 The Mandalorian Terror for Codex entry.
Balmorra - ?????? - Lore
(NOTE: I have found all the Lore items listed on (which number 6), but my in-game codex still shows I am missing one (6/7). Anyone know about this one?
UPDATE: There are now only 6 Lore entries for Balmorra

Quesh - Galactic History 61: The Brotherhood is Broken - Datacrons
Quesh - Galactic History 62: The Great Sith War Ends - Datacrons
(NOTE: These two are linked to datacrons now found on Corellia)
Quesh - The Three Families - Lore
Quesh - Venom Drinker - Titles
(NOTE: this title has been removed from the game per BW, yet the codex entry has not been deleted, resulting in an unobtainable entry)

Hoth - Ice Wars Veteran - Titles
Hoth - Caught Between Two Foes - Lore
UPDATE: As of 7/10/2013, this entry is now obtainable. It is found at -1216, -196 in Highmount Ridge.
Hoth - The White Maw Pirates - Organizations
Hoth - The Chiss Ascendancy - Organizations
Hoth - Chiss - Species
Hoth - Ortolan - Species
Hoth - Talz - Species

Belsavis - Master of the Burning Way - Titles
Belsavis - HK-51 - Persons of Note
UPDATE: As of 7/23/2013, this entry is now obtainable, and has been granted retroactively.

Voss - Ambassador of the Republic - Titles
Voss - Gormak - Species
Voss - Jokull - Persons of Note
UPDATE: This entry is no longer bugged - see post later in this thread.
Voss - Voss - Species

Corellia - Liberator of Corellia - Titles
Corellia - The First Son - Persons of Note (Jedi Consular only)
Corellia - Drall - Species
Corellia - Selonian - Species
Corellia - The Outer Rim Jedi Forces - Organizations (bugged for Jedi Knight)

Ilum - Kath Hound - Bestiary
Ilum - Asharl Panther - Bestiary
Ilum - Bogwing - Bestiary
Ilum - Master Jaeric Kaedan - Persons of Note
UPDATE: As of 7/10/2013, this entry has been removed for Republic Players.
I found a missing codex on Republic sde. I am missing the entry for 06 and 07. My Smuggler has actually completed all the datacrons on Coruaxant. . Another problem showed up earlier. My Smuggler had a cargo hold but no ship. It seems all my toons have been rolled back to an earlier advancement.
CE Edition[/COLOR]

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08.02.2014 , 09:38 AM | #265
Hello Fellow Codex Hunters.
I wanted to clarify the two recent updates which were made with the Patch 2.8.2 on 7/27/2014.

This is a species codex found on Belsavis in the High Security Section, near Meltwater Outpost. It is available to both factions. You must defeat a Gen’Dai Warlord (not one of the infected Gen’Dai). Coordinate x-1121,1497.

Sullustan. This is a species code found for all Republic players on Coruscant, in the little cantina in the Senate Commercial District. There is a datapad on the table in the cantina @ -1228,-4450.

Good Hunting!!

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08.03.2014 , 11:50 AM | #266

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08.03.2014 , 05:13 PM | #267
So my question is will the developers now be fixing these bugged and or missing codex listings? I sure hope so before they do any more new content for the game.

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08.05.2014 , 01:20 AM | #268
Quote: Originally Posted by erichcs View Post
So my question is will the developers now be fixing these bugged and or missing codex listings? I sure hope so before they do any more new content for the game.
Yes !!! Incredibly, after such a long and frustrating wait, the devs are *definitely* moving through Codex bugs as they can. There isn't a fix in every single patch to the game, but pretty much every other patch.

Recently, Tait Watson also said in an interview that Codex entries were tops on his list of bothersome bugs, and he mentions it to the devs when he is able.

This has been a great thing to see happening in the game, and thanks to Tait and all the devs for continuing to work on this problem.

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08.05.2014 , 05:34 PM | #269
edit: nvm: Just realized this was the rep list.
Who knows what lurks in the minds of those crazy Sith....
1% gets donated to unemployed Jawas living on Hoth

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08.23.2014 , 08:43 AM | #270
Hello fellow codex hunters.

With the release of patch 2.9, we have some new codices to gather. This release features the new planet Manaan. And with it comes 4 new codices.
Manaan is a level 55 planet, but the first couple of the codex don’t require any fighting.

Species: Selkath. You get this by just traveling around on the ‘landing zone’. For republic 80,-27 and for empire 1391,-23. Note: Selkath was already associated as a species codex for the empire on Dromund Kaas. But I had not found it there.
Locations: Mercantile Plaza of Manaan. Again, ride your mount in the concourse near republic -109,134 or for empire 1196,132.
The other two new codex are LORE. But I have no information on them yet.

Another new LORE codex is that of "GSI Satellite Support", which you can get on the planet of Makeb. Access one of the various terminals located on each of the maps and you will get the LORE and the buff.

Good Hunting!