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Some things that matter that need attention...

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Some things that matter that need attention...

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05.09.2014 , 06:08 PM | #1
First off I love this game....I have played since pre launch and participated in Beta 3 times. So I am not saying the game sucks.
BUT, there are a few things that I feel need attention:

1. Character customization options... ie faces, hair etc.
Is it really that hard to add more? This game definitely lacks in this department.

2. More playable races.
Bioware said he reason they haven't added more is because of clipping issues with the head and stuff. Along with they cant do a race that doesn't speak English. The language I will give them because of the story and voiceover. But the other reason is a joke.....HELLO Twileks....people play twileks and they have the same problem!
There are tons and tons of races that speak English that could be added.....whats the problem here?

3. Companions.
One the things that sets this game apart is companions, yet at lvl 55 they are basically worthless... you cant talk to them anymore, there are very few customization options....some have no customization options.... and then you are stuck using one you may not even like just because they happen to be the healer. They need a major overhaul on companions!

4. PvP needs a permanent boost in money making options.....No fair that raiders get all the cash making options. Both end game choices should be viable ways to make good money. Add some vital crafting ingredient to the pvp terminal or something! Maybe even an expensive chest with epic level gear piece inside?

I will start with that for now.