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Radeon 4980 Gfx card-decent stepping stone?

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Radeon 4980 Gfx card-decent stepping stone?

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05.07.2014 , 05:49 PM | #1
I'm having a friend build me a new computer, mine is from 2007, and it ran a 2.66 dual core cpu, 3 gigs ram and a 9800 GT 512 meg video card. Now, he's using new parts on the new one, but was suggested, to save money for a bit, that I use a 1 gig Radeon 4980 card, which is admittedly from a few years ago, that he has for free, but it'd still be a upgrade, and then down the road I drop the 2-300 bucks on one of the more powerful cards. Good idea, or should I just bite the bullet and get all new parts?