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World Series of Pazaak

BarrinMarshall's Avatar

05.07.2014 , 04:53 PM | #1
Ah, the Nar Shadda nights! To go along with the casino's thread and bring more lift to some of the planets, how bout a Galactic Series of Pazaak... Some High Stakes Credit tournaments sort of the along the lines of the World Series of Poker tourney's? First prize is a heap load of credits and couple unique fluff. Could add some instancing so that Nar Shadda isn't bogged down all the time. I'm a full-time poker player and this is a neat min-game that could be implemented and wouldn't take that much as far as developing a whole lot of new art or story.
Bring the event around 1-2 times a year and loosen your purse strings... throw everything you got on the table for 1 turn of the card. Bioware, lets do this.... KOTOR fans already know the game of Pazaak... you could add custom Pazaak cards to some of the crafting skills and loot tables to drive even more interest. I challenge the devs to game of Sabbaac (poker) for any amount you want to name... lets have some fun with this.... Sell +/- 1 cards outta the Cartel Market for all I care.... lets do it.
If you implement the idea all I ask is that you set the Ranked PVP matchmaking to no more 3 vs 4 please Lets do it. I'm ALL IN!