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PVP healer gearing?

Kadjunga's Avatar

04.18.2014 , 04:34 AM | #1

Before i start the min-maxing the pvp gear, i was wondering what would be the proper distribution for stats?

Currently, in pve it's 6 alacrity, 4 surge and 150-250 crit rating to be more or less in the sweet spot, but how about for pvp?

as far as i know, you can't stack enough alacrity to gain the same benefit as you would in pve, not to mention energy usually is never an issue as well. So...

how did you gear your op healer in pvp?

2 alacrity, 8 surge?
5 alacrity, 5 surge?
6 alacrity, 4 surge?

bobo_fett's Avatar

04.21.2014 , 05:25 PM | #2
I'm not sure how I will gear this time around yet, I just starting to look at the gear last night. Last season I went with the 2 set PVE (15% to AOE heals) and 2 set DPS (the shield probe set bonus was not worth it IMO), so I might take the shield probe set bonus now as well as specing in to the shield probe heals.

You can get around 450 Alacrity ,and still have a mix of surge and crit which is what I went with last season. Over 100 or so crit seemed to make a big difference. Anything less then 450 Alacrity and I couldn't really get a heal off in ranked while being focused. So until I figure out how I want to gear, I'm sticking with upgrading weapons , relic, belt & bracers.

Kadjunga's Avatar

04.24.2014 , 03:06 AM | #3
thanks for the response.

So that's actually 7 alacrity enhancements and 3 surge then, to reach that amount of alacrity. Unless you went with 6-4 + 1 ala augment?

Even though the shield probe was buffed a lot... i'm not seeing a huge difference than before. It absorbs on average just 4.5k damage and a +10% for that feels kinda weak still. Going to stick with the +dps set bonus for a 1s evasion increase. Especially since if your focused, the CD for shield probe and evasion are pretty much the same.

Ld-Siris's Avatar

05.06.2014 , 01:28 AM | #4
I don't remeber how many pieces or what bit I have about 6.8% alacrity and 69.8% surging. Mainly for the GCD. I personally believe you want between 6-7%. Note that is also withe the 2% alacrity talent.

I have been thinking about the 2 set PVE bonus but idk if it is worth the exp loss.
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