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Clone wars

tunewalker's Avatar

05.05.2014 , 08:21 PM | #1
Just finished the clone wars series and the Yoda episodes at the end were a perfect ending to the series, I felt. It leaves you hopeful. Especially knowing what happens through the movies and knowing who it is that Yoda will one day train and how that person will one day end the true war against the sith. The clone wars and the rebellion to be were all one war against sidious, and after 26 years it would finally be over.

Also Yoda facing against all of the most powerful sith's essence on Morriband (korriban) gives even more creadence to Sidious's power. Yoda has already faced and defeated the well spring of the dark side, but as the book said, The greatest warrior of light the galaxy had ever known..... just didnt have it, he never had it. The Sith had prepared everything for that moment and they won. Thankfully Quigon and The ones prepared Yoda for this. With that preperation he was able to show the one that would have it, maybe not the way they would expect, but cant deny the results. Anakin was their hope, thankfully.... there was another Skywalker and a New Hope.