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Opening a new Guild

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05.02.2014 , 11:05 PM | #1
Opening a Guild

I wish to open my own Guild in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Galactic Strongholds. A lot more content is heading our way this year and a bulk of it will involve the Guild system. The main objectives for the Guild will be to prepare for the new expansion and finish all current end-game content before it's release. I want to open a Guild where people don't feel the need to stay just for the experience bonus or Guild repair allowance. I want to open a Guild which has something for everyone and makes it's members feel appreciated. So far I've been working on a ranking system and a name for the Guild. To begin with the Guild will focus on levelling and helping new players/members. Once things progress and we develop a strong membership base, we can start looking towards end-game content like Operations.

It is important that when the Guild does begin end-game content, we maintain a friendly atmosphere for new members and low level members. Too many Guild's claim to be 'noob friendly' and once the Officer's, GM and Guild regulars hit Operations, they forget their members and the Guild suddenly turns into one big Operation's team. I don't want that to happen.

I'm open to suggestions, too. What is a Guild if it doesn't have democracy? I often find a Guild where only the GM makes important decisions looses members a lot or finds itself shut down within a few months. If you're interested in joining or want to help out, leave a post on this thread. I need people who want to help build something special.


So far, I have no idea about RP for the Guild. I want the Guild to have an RP element. Being that the Progenitor is an RP server, we should have RP in the Guild. I've thought about leaving a Guild member in charge of the RP as I'm not a seasoned RP'er and I feel I wouldn't do it justice.


The Guild will be on the Empire side.

TeamSpeak 3

The Guild will have access to a TeamSpeak 3 server from day one. I own my own server and will be converting it into a Guild server soon.
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