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PVP Recruiting

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04.30.2014 , 08:18 PM | #1
I am a member of a mostly PVE guild. That being said there are a couple of us who truly enjoy PVP. My experiences in the last couple of days though have led me to understand why it is so difficult to get my friends into PVP in SWTOR (far more so then it was in SWG).

First...most of them don't like to sit around waiting for a que to pop so they can do something. However, since SWTOR has, realistically, zero Open World PVP that is the course we must take. So I fast forward through the ~15 minute or more que to get into a Warzone or Arena. most of them are just getting started (some level 55 with valor 0) they are under or even ungeared for PVP. This should not be a problem though since that is how every toon should start in at 55. I have gone through the need to augment gear and be aware of the difference of PVE vs PVP gear (but hey, you gotta play to get the gear). multiple matches over the last couple of days I have witnessed 'L33T' players telling my guild mates and I to 'never que again' and such because we suck. When asked why it always came down to our gear. I examined a couple of the players making these comments and discovered that we kept dropping in with groups of 2-4 players who were completely in Tier 1 and higher PVP gear. Our matches were against teams that were all similarly set up (only they didn't have the "scrubs" who just started queing for matches so we can gear up).

I look back at this and realize; if I hadn't "cut my teeth" in SWG on PVP and discovered I liked it (in spite of the jerks) I wouldn't continue to PVP in SWTOR. I noticed that there is now a reward for Ranked PVP; so why don't all those "L33T" players go play in ranked?

++by the way I have 2 toons that I have played in ranked and will again once I finish getting them back in all Tier 1 PVP gear++
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04.30.2014 , 08:30 PM | #2
Using proper pve gear you can create a set of gear that will give you full expertise and stats that similar (oftentimes better) than tier 1 pvp gear.

With the implementation of bolster there is zero reason anyone should ever queue into a warzone without having close to 1936 expertise (max expertise without pvp weapons).

Old 63's and 66's can be used to create this gear set.