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Joint Venture seeks people for PVP and PVE

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Joint Venture seeks people for PVP and PVE

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04.30.2014 , 07:36 AM | #1
TLDR: Joint Venture is recruiting. Come talk to Zuf.

Joint Venture is a successful Republic side endgame PVE guild.

We are now looking to expand our PVP wing.

We are looking for players to become part of pre-mades that will take part in both unranked and ranked warzones.
You will also have the opportunity to take part in endgame PVE, although this is not required.

JV has cleared 10/10 in Dread Fortress/Dread Palace Hard Mode, and is 1/5 in Fortress Nightmare.
There is no minimum raid attendence requirements. Some members play once a week, others a lot more.
JV is focused on creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
We believe that success as a group comes from being supportive and helpful of each other.
Having fun is encouraged; harrasment or being an ******e, to people in or out of the guild, is not.

We also continue to welcome applications from people who just want to raid.

If you are interested in raids, warzones, or both, we want to hear from you.

You can make an application right now on
In game, come talk to Zuf.

Some Q&A
Q: I'm interested but I'm not yet 55. Can I join?
A: Yes, you can become part of the guild while you level up. Be aware that most of us are 55, so unless someone happens to be playing an alt of the appropriate level, you will have to solo/groupfinder your way though levels 1-54. SWTOR is not a difficult game to level up in. You will get chat, advice, answers to questions, etc, and that can be helpful.
Q: Zuf, I've seen you in warzones/arenas and you suck!
A: I'm not the best player, but I'm not the worst player. With the right people and right attitude, I'm sure we can put together a team to challenge for high honours in season 2.
Q: What class/role are you looking for?
A: Despite what you may read on the forums, bioware has done a decent job of balancing the game. In PVP, most of the 8 advanced classes have some spec which is viable. We would expect you to spec and learn the role to which your advanced class is currently most suited. In PVE, any class/role is capable of completing 10/10 Fort/Palace. Play the class and role you enjoy.
Q: I have no gear
A: Not an issue. Competitive gear is not hard to get in swtor. We will help you gear up.
Q: When do you play?
A: Operations run 6 days a week, 7:00pm to 10:15pm, UK time. One night is reserved for Nightmare, one night is for fun/silly/alt/whatever. Up until now, pvp tends to happen around that in a more casual way. As we increase the size of our pvp contingent, we will formalize things more.
Q: I might be interested, but I'm not sure.
A: Come talk to Zuf in game, I'll answer any of your questions to help you find out if Joint Venture is the guild for you.