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Operative Roll changes are flawed, here's why.

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Operative Roll changes are flawed, here's why.

gaboost's Avatar

04.24.2014 , 12:17 AM | #1
I'm ok with the 10 seconds cooldown on the roll but something really bothers me.

Right now you get 1 roll and then have 10 sec to roll another time before the ability goes on cooldown.
So there's really no reason to not use your 2 rolls back to back because if you wait 9 sec and then roll... you gotta wait a whole 10 sec again.

This means you can either double roll and then wait 10 sec to roll again = 4 rolls over approximately 13 seconds.
If you wait 9 sec before rerolling = 4 rolls over approximately 20 seconds

Using only 1 roll probably means that you are simply moving around or chasing someone or getting out of a nasty aoe. Using 2 rolls probably means that you gotta **** if you don't want to die.

So what is really happening is, you never have your 2 rolls when really needing them. You probably used 1 only and then you found yourself a couple seconds later, really needing both of them but sadly you get only 1 and a nice 10 sec cd with it.

I think it should work this way : When you use your roll once, it immediately goes into cooldown and it gives you 1 other free roll for 9 -10 seconds

This way you're certain to always have 2 rolls available per 10 seconds.

ThunderShrimp's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 10:46 PM | #2
That makes sense... will not be implemented.